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joey and i - weekend :)

by - September 04, 2016

enjoyed going out with my son today for late lunch.. the conversation goes like this.

disclaimer: not intended to insult anyone here 😂

me: i think i wanna start taking yoga or yogalates instructor course.
joey: i thought you already have that makcik to teach at your studio?
me: joey you can actually call her nenek you know, she is your grandmother's age, 70
joey: yeahh.. people should call you makcik at your age, but people still call you kakak?
me: hmmm yeah ok whatever.. i wanna be like madonna in this movie where she was a yoga instructor who owns studio and i like her toned body.
joey: hmm really?
me: yeah although i still believe in weight lifting no matter what.
joey: yeah..

.... the conversation continues to parenting advice..?

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