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missing my princess :'(

i wrote this on my FB status today... just spoke to her this morning over skype.. she looks so like an adult already.. hehehe folding her own laundry.. cooking for her meals.. i miss her so damn much. i wish i am a millionaire that i can fly there anytime.

"Ok.. I think I am going crazy... I am not Jane and I am not writing about my John. I don't care if people say I am emotional but this is my wall and if you don't like what you read on my wall, feel free to unfriend me :p .. I just miss her so very very much :'( I went to her room this morning and I can smell her.. I am feeling so empty without her.. talked to her over skype but it is still not the same.. and I feel like my tears are falling as I type this... or... wait... can't stop crying already"


awesome week with the Kalam's Clan

i don't remember the last time i went to PD. simply because now that i have my own studio to manage, it is quite challenging to actually go on a holiday that involves everybody. some people might not understand it, but it is okay. i dont live to please everyone but myself and my Creator. cheywahhh... hehheeheh :D

so, last week was school holiday. since lisa is now in the US, it is just me and joey. and my mom asked him if he wants to come to PD and join the rest of the Kalam's Clan. to be away from joey for 3 days is a long time, although even if he is at home, he will be in his room most of the time. :p but then again, it is fun receiving all the photos via whatsapp group of him babysitting zaahira, the now youngest grandchild in the family.

and because of jealousy, i tried to ask my fellow instructors if they can replace my classes over the weekend. and walllaaa... alhamdulillah they were ok. so, my plan was.. to drive there with N4 to join the rest of Kalam's Clan while…

joey and i - weekend :)

enjoyed going out with my son today for late lunch.. the conversation goes like this.

disclaimer: not intended to insult anyone here 😂

me: i think i wanna start taking yoga or yogalates instructor course.
joey: i thought you already have that makcik to teach at your studio?
me: joey you can actually call her nenek you know, she is your grandmother's age, 70
joey: yeahh.. people should call you makcik at your age, but people still call you kakak?
me: hmmm yeah ok whatever.. i wanna be like madonna in this movie where she was a yoga instructor who owns studio and i like her toned body.
joey: hmm really?
me: yeah although i still believe in weight lifting no matter what.
joey: yeah..

.... the conversation continues to parenting advice..?