Thursday, July 14, 2016


before i start my blabbering for today i just want you to know that this is solely my opinion and you do not need to agree with me.

what is in a relationship to you? let me just share a scenario.

V loves R so much that she controls whoever that R be friends with, or even have business with. she checks his phone, his emails, his Instagram and his Facebook as well. and whichever women that she sees is a potential threat to her (no matter whatever reasons that she has), she will block from any communication with him. how tiring can that be? is that the kind of relationship that you want? there is no trust at all. and for R, because he is being watched like a free criminal, he has lost his true feelings. all that is left is sympathy for having a long whatever ship that they might wanna call it.

Shouldn't love be based on trust and supporting each other rather than controlling your partner? shouldn't it be based on friendship too? what is wrong with some people out there? shouldn't you be grateful that at least you have a partner in life - for now. how long can you actually become miss policewoman?

i can't even breathe knowing all these. i just don't get it. and as a guy, can't you just decide what is good for you? why do even condone to all these kind of treatment that you are getting? i seriously don't get it. you have a bright potential rather than being tied up like this?