Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hari Raya 2016

it is indeed a simple and meaningful raya for me and family this year. i did not make any baju raya since i have tailored a few kebaya in dec 2015 during my trip to bandung. the only piece that i sent for tailor was the kain :D joey bought 2 baju melayu and shirt for himself and lisa had only 1 pair of baju kurung.

i lost 4 kg during fasting month and somehow i felt like i have become too skinny and it showed on the picture. and taraaaa gained 3 kg in 3 days after raya... hahaha :D ok ok.. time to toned up. now waiting for my PT's signal to start back my weights training.

we had our usual rounds in the first 3 days of raya. just that this year there was no padi field, quite frustrating.. heheh ended up we took photos like behind a huge natural swimming pool :D

i don't have that much to update about raya actually - just the usual celebration yearly. or.. ermmm actually i really want to write about something else.. lol :D

whatever lah.. here are some pics... or if you wanna see more, i have my instagram --> @zin_ako

to some people, he is an Arschloch but to me, he is my king, my family's protector... for now. 

- ain