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It ended beautifully

Somehow July ended beautifully. It has been a very busy month.. for both of us, Lisa & I. and with Lisa going to study overseas soon, makes it busier. hardly see her at home as she will be busy with her camps, and also meeting up with her school and college friends. i am looking forward for august as my friend from Germany will be coming over. the slack is when our travelling to Jogja clashes with Lisa's travelling to the US. hmmm... so ... i will come back for 2 nights prior to her departure and go back to Jogja to join my friend over there. 
we had a combination of raya & birthday celebration on lisa's actual birthday date. a simple one at the multipurpose hall. need to save wherever i can right now. to be honest.. been short in cash.. with joelis' dad who has stopped paying for kids' alimony is not making it any easier. kids are growing up and more expenses needed, but does he care? hmmm arggh talking about this is so boring. i am tired of messaging him and…

wonderful weekend

wow, when was the last time that i actually enjoyed my weekend? maybe i did, maybe i have not written it in my blog. well anyway... i had lots of food this weekend. seriously crazy man... i am reducing my weight training from twice a week to once a week... because.. i wanna enjoy hari raya over the weekend. lol :D and saving a lil bit... hahah dah lari budget whoaaa...

victoria station: i had my 2 diving buddies to KL over the weekend. T called me when i was upset with joey.. hhah don't ask me why, i am just not in the mood to talk over it here and spoil my fun weekend posting. to cut story short, we actually had a decent dinner since the last time that we saw each other. and i don't remember the last time i had dinner at victoria station.. maybe in the 90s?? goshh that long. the exterior of Victoria Station was not good.. but interior was still okay and nice :D i had rib eye and it was delicious.. and because the 2 guys were late - i demanded them to belanja me dinner.. hahah …


before i start my blabbering for today i just want you to know that this is solely my opinion and you do not need to agree with me.

what is in a relationship to you? let me just share a scenario.

V loves R so much that she controls whoever that R be friends with, or even have business with. she checks his phone, his emails, his Instagram and his Facebook as well. and whichever women that she sees is a potential threat to her (no matter whatever reasons that she has), she will block from any communication with him. how tiring can that be? is that the kind of relationship that you want? there is no trust at all. and for R, because he is being watched like a free criminal, he has lost his true feelings. all that is left is sympathy for having a long whatever ship that they might wanna call it.

Shouldn't love be based on trust and supporting each other rather than controlling your partner? shouldn't it be based on friendship too? what is wrong with some people out there? shouldn&#…

Hari Raya 2016

it is indeed a simple and meaningful raya for me and family this year. i did not make any baju raya since i have tailored a few kebaya in dec 2015 during my trip to bandung. the only piece that i sent for tailor was the kain :D joey bought 2 baju melayu and shirt for himself and lisa had only 1 pair of baju kurung.

i lost 4 kg during fasting month and somehow i felt like i have become too skinny and it showed on the picture. and taraaaa gained 3 kg in 3 days after raya... hahaha :D ok ok.. time to toned up. now waiting for my PT's signal to start back my weights training.

we had our usual rounds in the first 3 days of raya. just that this year there was no padi field, quite frustrating.. heheh ended up we took photos like behind a huge natural swimming pool :D

i don't have that much to update about raya actually - just the usual celebration yearly. or.. ermmm actually i really want to write about something else.. lol :D

whatever lah.. here are some pics... or if you wanna see …