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Cergas Ramadan Segment on MHI

by - June 20, 2016

Finally the day has come where i will get to meet my twin sister again :D yey! **happy mode** i was afraid to go back to sleep after sahur because i wanna be on time. last minute i asked aliza if she can come with me since lisa is not available because, she needs to send joey to school. and yey, aliza said yes, after i arranged lisa to send fizzi (aliza's daughter) to work :D hehehe :D

and since i had only about 20 minutes from my house.. for the first time driving more than the usual.. heheh :D and i got at sri pentas at 7.01am... and when FaFau arrived we were like boria.. hahah the red and black attire.

okay i would also like to take this chance to explain certain things about todays appearance on MHI since some were wondering or questioning. 

the song & attire were chosen by the organizer/client which also depending on the suitability of fasting month and community. so if any of you wonder why i wasn't dancing like usual, that is the reason.. heheheh :D quite limited movement there if you noticed but it is okay, i really had fun and grateful for the opportunity. 

and when i got home, i actually slept for few hours because i didn't really sleep the night before andddd... because i am on leave and i can!! heheheh wwwooohhooo

- ain

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