Monday, June 20, 2016

Cergas Ramadan Segment on MHI

Finally the day has come where i will get to meet my twin sister again :D yey! **happy mode** i was afraid to go back to sleep after sahur because i wanna be on time. last minute i asked aliza if she can come with me since lisa is not available because, she needs to send joey to school. and yey, aliza said yes, after i arranged lisa to send fizzi (aliza's daughter) to work :D hehehe :D

and since i had only about 20 minutes from my house.. for the first time driving more than the usual.. heheh :D and i got at sri pentas at 7.01am... and when FaFau arrived we were like boria.. hahah the red and black attire.

okay i would also like to take this chance to explain certain things about todays appearance on MHI since some were wondering or questioning. 

the song & attire were chosen by the organizer/client which also depending on the suitability of fasting month and community. so if any of you wonder why i wasn't dancing like usual, that is the reason.. heheheh :D quite limited movement there if you noticed but it is okay, i really had fun and grateful for the opportunity. 

and when i got home, i actually slept for few hours because i didn't really sleep the night before andddd... because i am on leave and i can!! heheheh wwwooohhooo

- ain

say a lil prayer

syukur alhamdulillah, although i have not reached my destination yet, i believe Allah has something interesting and beautiful for me. i used to share with some of my friends about my life. well to some, they get to know details, and to some, i just love to share about my prayer to my Creator.

life isn't the same without Kaiser with me but i need to move on. i have kept all my feelings for him in a compartment somewhere in my heart. and whether or not he will appear in my life, that is entirely up to him.

right now i am happy although i can be lonely. especially when i am so happy about the MHI thingy and i cannot share with him. i used to share lots of things with him but looking at his way of life right now, i could be the least in his mind. :)

so, kaiser was an answer from Allah when i requested for someone exactly like him. when i was with him, those who are close to me knows, that he is just my type. just that, when i asked for someone from God, i forgot to ask for someone with iman. so typical woman who just wanna have someone without thinking the hereafter? heheheh :D **guilty** how would i know that Allah would actually grant my wishes? right? :D

so, yeah, my next wish this time, was like the one previously but i forgot 1 more thing. LOL :D it is kinda funny and still early for me to elaborate more. but from the look of it, i love what Allah has planned for me.. and ya Allah, if this is the path that You want me to go through after all the tests, please make it easier for me. ameen.

memories with you during this time, just brought back cheerfulness in my life. 
- ain

Sunday, June 19, 2016

FaFau and I on MHI 20 June 2016

yeah i am supposed to sleep but right now i am busy copying the song for MHI that is supposed to start at 8am. looks like i won't be able to sleep after sahur huh? :D how do i get the opportunity? well thanks to my youngest sister and bakal adik ipar :p hehehe :D and yey... i get to meet up with FaFau again. she is kinda cool and funny and sempoi. and it is like i have known her for so long when talking to her. and she is pretty friendly too.

so yeah... what i did today was, i had to run to the saloon to do my hair.. hahaha :D i can have my workout today to replace my cancelled session yesterday but... errmm if i workout then i will sweat and i need to wash my hair again! so, i decided not to do any weight training.. hik hik.. so yeah.. stay tuned tomorrow everyone and watch FaFau and me with the simplest ZUMBA routine :D

and if you want to enter the contest, check out my ig @zin_ako.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Misi Mencari Rangga

Sehingga ke waktu ini aku masih terlihat2 .. err oh goshh.. i am so bad in writing stories in bahasa.. hahaha 😄 sorry, bukan memperkecil2kan bahasa ibunda tapi it just feel so funny. 

I still remember that moment when i was surrounded by those children, visitors of Borobudur. You told me that aku mirip seperti Anggun Cipta.. artis indonesia yang terkenal.. i laughed at that comment as perhaps it wasn't the first time people say that. 

What i am writing now is about that kenangan with you.. that moment with you that just makes me smile over and over again. 

You showed me a corner at Borobudur for me take a picture.. not long before the children came up to me. You smiled.. and i just adore looking at that sweet gentle smile of yours. I just love looking at you. You looked at me and that look made me feel secured, cared for and adored. I just don't know how to explain about that look. But i know at that point of time, i looked into your eyes and i saw you were looking at me too..

At that moment that look made me felt like you are someone special to me, who ensures of my safety.. and for a moment it makes me feel like a real celebrity. You, make me feel special. 

I just cannot forget that moment.. i have not felt so happy (for quite some time) like i felt that day at Borobudur. And it was just like a dream... ya Allah.. can you please let me enjoy the moment? Can You please grant me that happiness. Thank you.. and You know what i mean.. 😉 

Do i stop my 'misi mencari rangga' now? The question remains........ 

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