AKO Fitness - ZUMBA on Ice

we really had a lot of fun yesterday. what lisa said is right about me nowadays. i like to do things on a very last minute. but, i am happy doing it. it was just through impulse? is that how i should say it? well, yeah.. hahaha :D lol.

we had a session or event if you wish to call it an event --> ZUMBA On Ice. to cut story short.. kaiser gave the idea before... and because i was upset with him, don't ask me why, i just do, i didn't want to even give the idea a chance to materialize.

but somehow... i got bored of not organizing something fun. so, yeah ... i contacted the president of like ice asia.. and waallllaaa... it just happened within a week. honestly i did not expect turn outs.. hahaha what do you expect promotion less than a week. so yeah.. we ended up making a video shoot for AKO Fitness and.... it turned out to be so freaking awesome!!! and thank you to Keanu for the video!! so.. yeah.. check this out okay!



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