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hahahahahah !! this is how i feel right now coz i so wanna blog but i am so freaking busy at the office!! arrgghhh helpp... lol :D

AKO Fitness - ZUMBA on Ice

we really had a lot of fun yesterday. what lisa said is right about me nowadays. i like to do things on a very last minute. but, i am happy doing it. it was just through impulse? is that how i should say it? well, yeah.. hahaha :D lol.

we had a session or event if you wish to call it an event --> ZUMBA On Ice. to cut story short.. kaiser gave the idea before... and because i was upset with him, don't ask me why, i just do, i didn't want to even give the idea a chance to materialize.

but somehow... i got bored of not organizing something fun. so, yeah ... i contacted the president of like ice asia.. and waallllaaa... it just happened within a week. honestly i did not expect turn outs.. hahaha what do you expect promotion less than a week. so yeah.. we ended up making a video shoot for AKO Fitness and.... it turned out to be so freaking awesome!!! and thank you to Keanu for the video!! so.. yeah.. check this out okay!

when my son calls me by name instead of Mom :p

it has been a long time since my kids send me appreciation notes. i have begun to think that this is what i will have to go through and accept :) as my kids are growing up and they, especially joey, are no more as expressive as before, as when they were much younger. and perhaps, i should learn to be less sensitive about these things and just focus on them being a grown up. errmmm well not really about joey looking at his room condition!

but today, as i was rushing in the morning to open up my studio for yoga, they both came into my bedroom and gave me these :) hehehe :D it was funny, and thoughtful at the same time :D

ya Allah, thank you so much for giving me such beautiful children - please protect them wherever they go and may they both become anak2 yang soleh & solehah.  Love you both so much... Saaa & Adik :*