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spartan race 2016

by - March 21, 2016

okay.. i think i am officially a stalker.. hahahaha :D well.. we are girls.. and we just wanna have some fun... it all started when PTC told me about this race... then joey also talked about it and he said about wanting to join. so i googled it.

and whoaa it looks like fun.. so, since PTC is joining the race, i arranged my PT session on saturday.. so on sunday i am free-er. the night before, lisa asked me if i wanna go and crash the race.. so, i thought why not coz after that i can just send lisa back to her college. so, after yoga, i had my breakfast.. have been wanting nasi lemak but the guilt is just there. so, i just could not have my nasi lemak for breakfast.

then we went home because lisa needed to change and get all her stuff in my car. and we drove all the way to klang! to cut story short.. it is so worth it... kinda.. hahaha :D LOL. and we had this bet just to make it more fun and adventurous. and i had to belanja lisa choc sundae coz i kinda won the bet. heh heh...

the place was so so far far in.. somewhere after shah alam okay... and it was really hot! i forgot to have water with us and an umbrella.. so.. there we were on the side of the hill near the finishing line... with no what do you call it... safety barrier to block us from whoever that we would not want them to see us! hahaha..

so yeah... we were calculating how long they need to finish their race. and taraaa... after waited from 12.30pm ... just before 2.00pm i saw PTC... well, i thought i saw him.. then i told lisa.. "eh.. i think that's him.. the way he walks looks like him" hahaha :D and true enough.. and saw the group at the finishing line.

i enjoyed looking at different groups.. some end up so muddy, or some were injured.. some doesn't look like they are tired.. especially PTC.. he was not dirty.. and he doesn't look tired at all! hmm did he actually went through all the obstacles or not?

i think this time its 13km with 21 obstacles? and if you want to know more or wanna see more pictures.. do visit their ig @spartanracemalaysia 
me and my besties... burnt :D hahaha

the final obstacle that they needed to go through

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