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spartan race 2016

okay.. i think i am officially a stalker.. hahahaha :D well.. we are girls.. and we just wanna have some fun... it all started when PTC told me about this race... then joey also talked about it and he said about wanting to join. so i googled it.

and whoaa it looks like fun.. so, since PTC is joining the race, i arranged my PT session on saturday.. so on sunday i am free-er. the night before, lisa asked me if i wanna go and crash the race.. so, i thought why not coz after that i can just send lisa back to her college. so, after yoga, i had my breakfast.. have been wanting nasi lemak but the guilt is just there. so, i just could not have my nasi lemak for breakfast.

then we went home because lisa needed to change and get all her stuff in my car. and we drove all the way to klang! to cut story short.. it is so worth it... kinda.. hahaha :D LOL. and we had this bet just to make it more fun and adventurous. and i had to belanja lisa choc sundae coz i kinda won the bet. heh heh...

the place…

awesome weekend

my weekends are always full with activities. with zumba classes, yoga, and family time. so last weekend i arranged my PT time to saturday instead of sunday because PTC won't be available on sunday & joey won't be training because he will be helping N4 for my mom's bday party preparation. so yeah... it was a full and wonderful weekend.

sorry mom, i had to bluff you about taking you to see a venue for zumba when actually i am taking her to her own surprise birthday party :D she was surprised.. and she was happy. it was a joined effort by us, daughters of tn hj kalam & hjh sunarni.. but i think N3 & N4 did the most... and i did the least.. because i am too busy on weekdays and weekends with my classes. nothing that i can do.. heh heh :D anyway, N4 did a very good job in decorating the place.. and N3 as usual - her dessert table will be the most awaiting for.. :) there are too many pictures to put in here... check out my fb album for more photos. :)  https://www.fa…


yeah.. today i am going to write about soto. because it's one of the dish that i will eat if i don't know what to eat. my kind of soto that i would like is if...

the soup is not oily - as in until you can see all the oily spots! yes, it is doable!the nasi impit is softthe pergedil is soft and you can see / eat the meatsambal kicap
so, today N4 called me and ask if i wanna have lunch together. she suggested iga express. no, i am not gonna do a review about the place because i am not in the mood to do so. it is next to chilli espresso at nu sentral by the way. so, yeah.. the food selection there are like those ayam penyet, soto etc etc.. so, i ordered soto. and right now i just don't feel like searching for an image for the soto. you can google it yourself :D hahaha

so, the conclusion is, i wasn't happy with the soto as iga express at nu sentral. it all the opposite of the kind of soto that i like. and i seriously hate it if the soup looks so oily and yellow. i feel like …

my ups and downs

i had lunch with my karaoke buddy today. and told him or more of update him of what has been going on with my life. i have known him since ermm 2006 i think, and we have been friends for many years and he is also my karaoke partner/buddy and i don't think i can enjoy karaoke session with anyone else but him. anyway, he was pretty ermm shocked with what has been going on with my life, which of course not being exposed anywhere made known sort of... simply because i wish not to portray my sadness to the public? hmmm... ** think hard ** so, yeah, i told him that i have another blog to express my grievance and i shared the link with him. not many people know about that blog. people might find it accidentally and i think i prefer strangers to read it. so that they do not know me personally? ok - enough of me and my sadness. 
i have been down for almost 2 weeks. didn't eat much, can't teach my zumba class. so now.. well actually since last week, i told myself that i cannot cont…

the bailar contigo 2.0 party

28th Feb 2016: i have been waiting for this event. 1st, it is because nevena & goran coming back to malaysia.. love their friendliness and warmness and their dance steps. and this time, i get kaiser to join me at the event. we bought a booth to promote ako fitness and also our products.. larome & redslim. somehow, kaiser seemed to love the salsation. he danced a lot during this event.

2nd it is because it's organised by Nicola Gomes and she is such a wonderful lady.. and i would always support her :)

really enjoyed watching my friends on stage. how i wish i could get the chance to be on stage like them but then again... hehehe letih tengok.. hahahah :D yeahh they were full of energy! they have to give it all on stage so that it'll look energetic and fun!

me and my ako fitness team as usual laid back near our booth - we enjoyed ourselves in our own way. it is also so good to see familiar faces - as usual during dance fitness parties. beautiful people.. fake people.. all…