Friday, February 26, 2016

friday blab

i am gonna blab today. i had messy mind for the past few months but keeping myself busy helps me to stay 'alive' and 'sane'. hahaha :D honestly, those who are close to me will know what is going on in my life... some people who think they know me will make lots of assumptions and speculation. perrghh ala2 artis gitu bercakap...

if only i am a drama producer or director or script writer, i would have done a movie kut.. heheh :D cuma for now my movie has no ending yet.. just pray for me that it will be a beautiful ending no matter what it will be, ok.

and only God knows how much i apa word tu.. preservere? entah... bersabar la.. senang.. oh shucks... i am blogging while listening to my zumba music actually... haaa... habislah.. now i am thinking of steps pulak. err.. ermmm.. ok ok shut it off already...

last weekend was very emotional for me, maybe because nak PMS kut.. hahaha but yeahh.. it was a huge blow for me for what has happened but anyway, i know this is going to be like 'potong steam' kinda story but somehow for now i have to keep it to myself. just that i hope that every one of you will pray for my happiness. my life has been like a roller coaster. and.. if any of you think and assume that i am showing off about my life, what you see is just that i am sharing my happiness to the world... something that might stay or might just go off. so, yeah... i am happy and i wanna share. do i share my sadness? depends, maybe... after the storm is over, then i might or might not share.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wanna know about dehydration?

I wanted to write about lots of things, but the sadness are too much. so i am putting all those aside and let us focus on a better us. :) this topic often comes up because, we.... me included are species who are lazy and full of excuses when it comes to drink more water! so, here.. for your reading pleasure and hope that we all can be a better and changed person.

click here for details:

Friday, February 12, 2016

my photoshoot at karangkraf

i received a call on the way back from work few days before chinese new year holidays. someone from karangkraf asked if i am free on the 11th feb 2016 for photoshoot for majalah keluarga. hehe :D wah.. although i have not been reading that magazine for a long long time, this could be fun. they were going to do some write up about beauty & health with different generations from 20s up to 60s. so... there were lines up of ladies.. aged from 20s to 60s... hehehe :D and i told kaiser about it, kaiser told me it would be a good exposure for me.. somehow somewhat. 

unfortunately at first kaiser said he was not free to come with me. knowing his way and source of income, i did not ask him anymore. on the day before the photoshoot day, i got a whatsapp from kaiser who told me that he is free to come with me for the photoshoot. heh heh :D siapa tak happy babe.. suami temankan... lalallala :D

so anyway, the night before i had food poisoning.. a lil bit of dyerhea. and that night i slept late coz i needed to sort out 3 pairs of smart casual clothes and last minute she told me about zumba clothes.. i don't have the latest collection :'( anyway, end up we only wear 1 pair of clothes for the shoot. hmmphh.. 

kaiser was so patience yesterday.. i was afraid he would get cranky for waiting so long.. but somehow he was not :D he seemed cheerful the whole time, alhamdulillah. we finished the photoshoot session in half a day. he had kfc for his lunch while waiting for me and bought me nuggets for snacks.. something eaiser for me to munch with all those thick make up done ;D.. anyway, i had a good time with kaiser.. enjoy the pictures. 


he wasn't angry or fierce okay.. he was just acting.. hahhahah :D he is as sweet as a kitten :p

Friday, February 5, 2016

perasaan serabut

normally i would type in english, tapi today sebab serabut, i am posting in campur2.. hehehe :D my challenges in life sort of increased  started last year. to be exact right after i am back from umrah. and right now with the not so stabil state of mind, i would/might say things that i am not supposed to. but yeah.. i am tired. i do have different ways to channel my frustration in life. normally people have blogs to express their stress.. but after 2005, i told myself that i will not post anything about the sadness in my life. so how now brown cow? :p ahh what the heck...

talking about joelis' dad now.. i am just so upset because he has not been paying his kids' alimony on time.. berapa banyak dah hutang i nih... stress dowhh... and last year suka2 hati he cut kids' alimony by half just because lisa turned 18. pergghh menyirap darah ai.. dah la hutang2 anak2 tuition sampai la ni tak settle2 lagi.. agak2 la kut... so hmmm i wanna blab more.. but i have to leave now.. destress with my zumba class.