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things i am thankful for in 2015

by - January 04, 2016

i am actually holding back things that i am supposed to do now just to blog... why? because i have been neglecting my blog for so long, so now since i am in the mood to blog.. so here are some postings which some i put on schedule :D hahahaha :D so yeah enjoy.. my #throwback moments in 2015

feb 2015: i achieved one of my dreams in my vision board, which is to go to Mekah either for haj/umrah. i get to go for umrah with my kids and parents... which i am thankful for.. although upon coming home, the challenges were so great masyaallah...and it is so heavy for me to handle but i always believe there is blessing in disguise which i have started to see the hikmah for the pass few months, alhamdulillah :) ya Allah, please grant me my other wish(s)... between You and me..insyaallah.


sept 2015: i finally got my own dance studio which i quietly have it in  my dream and plan. i am thankful to my members who have been supporting me throughout my journey in the fitness industry. AKO Fitness Dance Academy is a simple studio that i dreamed of, nothing fancy.. and at the moment i love to keep it as cosy as i can.. having members who are comfortable to be with me and perhaps the instructors that we have at the studio. at the moment i do not have that many variety because i am fully employed and i do not want to mess up my head with too many kerenah of people. yeah... it's my space and i love it the way it is.
all of us at AKO Fitness Dance Academy
oct 23, 2015: something that i have been also dreaming of but i never knew that some day i get the chance to actually meet my 'twins'... thank you so much to AGHotFM who said Hi to me when i was at Taylors Uni.. and thank you to HOTFM for inviting me to their studio to surprise Fafau... and thank you to Fafau for such a warm welcome... and most of all for coming to one of my class at AKO Fitness Dance Academy. it was indeed a dream come true :D and i could not stop smiling during that time.

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