Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the boys birthday

i really have bad memories nowadays... for the past few years - its like when i started to teach my brain to be selective, now i think it has some sort of wiped out even the good memories. hahaha :D i wanted to post something in my blog but i could not remember what i wanted to blog about. only 2 weekends passed and i could not remember what has happened? omg.. what is wong wif me?? okay... enough drama.. i wanted to write about how we celebrated imran's and joey's birthday. i should have engaged a pro photographer on that day because everyone was there.. and this time i meant it hahah everyone.. all in kalam's clan. kaiser looked so happy although he has a flat tyre just few hours before and he got errmm sort of taken advantage of by fellow malaysian.. when he was charged rm280 to change a flat tyre. hehehe :D so ... i stayed with him until his scooter is ready.

when kaiser arrived the party was just started... told him not to rush because i dont want him to have to wait for so long before we can eat. well, you know how men can be when they are hungry :D hahaha :D anyway, the bbq party was superb.. food were fantabulous and delicious. a bit too many variety if you ask me - but hey.. that is what kalam's clan like to do.. food.. lots of them.. the chef was good too... hahahah :D it was indeed a wonderful weekend.

question is... where are the birthday boys???? hahahahah :D