Wednesday, January 6, 2016

good things sometimes don't last

i have been having a lived in maid for almost 2 years. at first kaiser didn't want a lived in maid but i persuaded him since i get too tired every time after coming home from work and classes. and i didn't like it when joey didn't get his proper meal when he gets back from school. i have a good maid right now but she is going off soon - this saturday to get married. she is not only a maid but at times she can be a good listener too. and she doesn't blab about our households to other maid when they have gathering :D so, yeah... i am so sad... and nowadays it is not easy to get a maid. she is so fun that she enjoys following me for my zumba events and she will help out selling tshirts. when i had yoga classes during weekdays, she can be trusted that she would take a cab from our home and open up the studio for me and handle the students.

i knew she is resigning just that i was hoping that she would change her mind. but last night the news really blew me up and i can feel my blood rushing up my face. :'( i texted kaiser and told him about the news, and he is sad too. so i guess sometimes, good things don't last and everything is on loan by the Almighty :(

last night i went to watch Dilwale for the 3rd time and this time we belanja Ati since she is going off soon... we had a good time.. although i errrmm kinda slept in the cinema.. hahahah :D we had to split the seating as they were full!

these 2 in front are my usual victim... hahahaha :D :* muaaahh ciked LOL :D