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oh my malaysia

as a malaysian, i am ashamed with the current 'management team' of my country. i hate reading all those truth and talks about the current politics issue. i am not a fan of politics, but i just had to say that some ministers, the more they speak, the more stupid they become. i just wish it will go back to the way our tun mahathir managed the country. i felt so safe and with confidence.

this morning, i saw this on fb and i love what she wrote. since it was on fb i don't think it is wrong for me to share it here.

Rafidah Aziz
Yesterday at 10:37am ·  WORK DONE..CASE CLOSED..MOVE ON.... I read all that has been written and announced ,regarding the "donation" issue.
It seems to be a simple open and shut case...yes ??
Of course the social media is now full of nasty comments ...and NEW questions have been asked regarding the AG's explanations.. I am not a lawyer.. But the AG should be prepared to explain the details ..and the implications of the decisions... it a…

the boys birthday

i really have bad memories nowadays... for the past few years - its like when i started to teach my brain to be selective, now i think it has some sort of wiped out even the good memories. hahaha :D i wanted to post something in my blog but i could not remember what i wanted to blog about. only 2 weekends passed and i could not remember what has happened? omg.. what is wong wif me?? okay... enough drama.. i wanted to write about how we celebrated imran's and joey's birthday. i should have engaged a pro photographer on that day because everyone was there.. and this time i meant it hahah everyone.. all in kalam's clan. kaiser looked so happy although he has a flat tyre just few hours before and he got errmm sort of taken advantage of by fellow malaysian.. when he was charged rm280 to change a flat tyre. hehehe :D so ... i stayed with him until his scooter is ready.

when kaiser arrived the party was just started... told him not to rush because i dont want him to have to wait …

Friday Party for Ladies!

F%$Ked staff

i am just so pissed this morning.. shouldn't let anyone to actually affect my mood.. but yeah his stupidity and fake-ness really just pissed me off. someone who like to show off as if he is doing work but he will just taichi and blame on others. and retimed meeting with out telling everyone involved is so $%%^#$%WT#%E !!! he will act as though he has the answer to all the boss' question but it is all just words... and work not done!!

good things sometimes don't last

i have been having a lived in maid for almost 2 years. at first kaiser didn't want a lived in maid but i persuaded him since i get too tired every time after coming home from work and classes. and i didn't like it when joey didn't get his proper meal when he gets back from school. i have a good maid right now but she is going off soon - this saturday to get married. she is not only a maid but at times she can be a good listener too. and she doesn't blab about our households to other maid when they have gathering :D so, yeah... i am so sad... and nowadays it is not easy to get a maid. she is so fun that she enjoys following me for my zumba events and she will help out selling tshirts. when i had yoga classes during weekdays, she can be trusted that she would take a cab from our home and open up the studio for me and handle the students.

i knew she is resigning just that i was hoping that she would change her mind. but last night the news really blew me up and i can feel…

things i am thankful for in 2015

i am actually holding back things that i am supposed to do now just to blog... why? because i have been neglecting my blog for so long, so now since i am in the mood to blog.. so here are some postings which some i put on schedule :D hahahaha :D so yeah enjoy.. my #throwback moments in 2015

feb 2015: i achieved one of my dreams in my vision board, which is to go to Mekah either for haj/umrah. i get to go for umrah with my kids and parents... which i am thankful for.. although upon coming home, the challenges were so great masyaallah...and it is so heavy for me to handle but i always believe there is blessing in disguise which i have started to see the hikmah for the pass few months, alhamdulillah :) ya Allah, please grant me my other wish(s)... between You and me..insyaallah.

sept 2015: i finally got my own dance studio which i quietly have it in  my dream and plan. i am thankful to my members who have been supporting me throughout my journey in the fitness industry. AKO Fitness Dance A…

he is 16!

to my dearest joey

you are always in my prayers, may you be a success in whatever that you dream for... be a soleh son, be a good man, and as i have mentioned, be a good responsible man in future. study smart & take care.. :) mama will love you always!

we had a simple birthday dinner at Chillis, KLCC with joey's request not to have any cake or dessert with people singing happy birthday :D what laaa... my birthday present for him was the present that he already bought in london... hahaha :D and kaiser bought for him an expensive supplement for his preparation for his training.

awesome 2016 new year countdown with bob2e

i didn't realize that i sort of have been celebrating new year for 2 years in a row including last night. the dinner was sort of last minute.. it was organised by BOB2e the company that kaiser and i joined for online business. and guess what...the CEO just do it after only 5 days planning.. and it went well.. it was fun.. food was good.. and excellent lucky draw prizes. i am glad that i am in the group.. i am using 4 out of 5 products that they have and i am feeling amazing with the result. and plus, just by being a consumer, i get paid by sharing. well, only if you need the products for your own health and beauty benefit :) who doesn't want to receive RM140k in 3 months
so, yeah... i opened my studio first because i actually have a class on that day... i am thankful to my 2 instructor buddies who covered for me. then i rushed to flamingo hotel for the countdown event. i sort of felt a bit amazed as most of those who came was from 19 years old to 25 years old. they are so y…