Tuesday, December 29, 2015

dear diary - dec 2015

16th Dec 2015 to 29th Dec 2015: 16th Dec 2015 is the day that JoeLis left to UK for 2 weeks holiday. with the current currency, the activities with the current budget will be quiet limited. sorry about that kids. it feels so long that i also decide to go for holiday myself.. but that's not the story here.. anyway, as i am writing this, kids are already on the way home .. to me. i missed them like crazy... i would cry at times its so funny.. hahaha... gi holiday je kut :P but yeahh... life is so empty without my kids... coz i love them to bits.. now i know how it feels to be a mom.. lol :D

23rd Dec 2015 to 26th Dec 2015: life sort of sucks for the past few i don't know whether weeks or months or days... it doesn't matter anymore. and even my mood to blog has gone down. there are more not nice things happening around me compared to the nice things... which are my zumba classes are going well alhamdulillah... my family ties with my kids are getting much much better especially with joey.. i am so grateful. financially wise, it is getting a bit tight as now that i have my own studio. no more hoyehh hoyeh... hahhhaha :D all are dumped in the studio. a simple one but just how i like it. so yeahh... in my loneliness i sort of decided to have my own getaway.. i asked kaiser but he prefers to be in KL.. errmmm psstt i have a feeling he is afraid to go anywhere because of all these terrorist thingy... and he has this weird feeling that he will be killed by the muslim being a white guy... how stupid is that! anyway, since he said i can go alone if i want... changed the destination from lombok... to bali.. and in the end, i went to bandung :D so yeahh i had fun.. more of chilling.. no rushing but my plan to just relax didnt happen coz i ended up shopping.. owhh i love the photoshoot i had with Iis in jakarta.. i went to bandung, then we drove up to jakarta, stayed 1 night and drove back to bandung before i fly off back to KL. yeahh sound rushing.. but its ok..a short break and i loved it. i didnt tell anyone except JoeLis and N4 where i was going until i am almost home or i was already there.
we rushed to capture sunrise at ancol, jakarta :) it was awesome!
love candid photo that turns out alright... hahahah :D
Iis is so flexible and amazing..!
confession... i had back cramps after trying to do this!
more postings coming up.. i hope.. heh heh :D enjoy!