Tuesday, September 22, 2015

tuesday babbling

you know when a woman is due for her pms, she will eat a lot. no, i am not making excuses... but its the truth! my life has been so stressful lately. and with lisa not being around - making it worst.. :P lol... yeahh.. my shadow is gone.. to lakeside :P she has been busy last weekend so she didnt come home for the weekend.. apa lagi, mama dia pun meroyan lah! padahal sometimes when she is home, bukannya borak sangat pun... borak la jugak just that ermm i dont know lah.. 

this morning i was late to work.. i was already driving to the office when my baby had this sign on the dashboard light. just hope that it was a false alarm! so yeah.. i was late :P hmmm.. then i was too tired that i slept during lunch time.. then, kaiser asked me if i can do the bunting for our next event.. so... yeah... i was busy. but at least... there is result! :D