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AKOFitness Dance Academy is OPEN!

by - September 10, 2015

yes i have been extremely busy juggling between my day work.. classes... and getting sick :P nevertheless, enjoy my story of what has happened for the past 2 months! :D

i used to be at my sifu's dance studio almost everyday. at that time, i used to think..."Bila lah aku nak dapat buat macam ni, ada dance studio sendiri" not to say never did i think i would be able to do it... but.. alhamdulillah... i did! of course, kaiser's ambition was for us to have our own gym together. but after doing some calculations it was too expensive for us to do. and at this age, i didn't want to have too high loan. kids are growing up and going for college and i don't want to burden myself with debt..

was i afraid? .. yeah.. but told myself and before i actually dived into the idea, i also told kaiser.. if i don't do it now.. i will never know whether i can or not.. so with whatever cash that i have, i looked for a space for rent, i gathered few contractors to do the renovations.. headache? yeahh coz 3 different people to the end... wallaaa  a new space called AKOFitness Dance Academy... wanted to be a bit different hehehe :D or now at times its called AFDA by my regular members.

alhamdulillah.. i got what i wanted. a simple and yet cosy studio for me to express my passion and to share with those who wishes to just chill and dance without worrying whether or not you can dance. the most importantly, enjoy yourself :) so, yeah... have a look at our studio and come and have a visit sometime.

my other regular classes that i teach.

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