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proud mom!

one morning as i kissed joey before i went to work, he mentioned, "ma, i wanna dive" i truly did not expect that coming from him suddenly. but, i was glad that he said that :) i was hoping that both of my kids would like to do the same sports as i do. but since lisa wear hijab, she wasn't that adventurous anymore :) but it's okay. so, that day i told joey wait for the school holiday and i will arrange for a dive trip in tioman. 
i took the opportunity and went to tioman from 4th june to 8th june 2015- and for the first time, i drove to mersing. alhamdulillah my parents wanted to come with us. it was a long journey for us but it was alright. i enjoyed the trip and had a great time. from the trip i managed to make new friends. alhamdulillah. 
only on the island that joey decided to take up his license. and alhamdulillah joey is now an open water diver. i had a great time diving with joey. it was funny.. hehehe :D but yeah it was good!