Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Travel Log Day 3 & 4

After the not so clear visibility during my 2 dives, i have decided not to go for diving on Monday. i chose to go for ZUMBA instead and you know what? not regretting it, in fact i have also arranged to go for another session on the day that i am leaving pattaya. i met stephanie on fb and when i searched for zumba pattaya. and i just tried my luck. i love her class, and she has a beautiful studio. i wish 1 fine day i will be able to have my own studio as well. insyaallah.

for the 2nd session, i arranged with my hotel's reception for someone to fetch me to and fro to the studio on a motorbike. hehehe :D coz it will be faster and i hope i can make it on time to the airport! errmmm let me just share the picture okay. 
taken on the 1st day i was there.
with the ladies before we start with the ZUMBA class because i had to rush back to the hotel :)