Monday, May 25, 2015

FREE Seminar - WIN RM1,500 Cash!

sound interesting enough? yup... you will get the chance to win RM1,500 cash at the end of 90Days! Come and listen to know how to achieve that!
6.30pm   Guests Arrival
                   Hi-Tea/Snacks & Networking
7.20pm   Break for Maghrib Prayer (for those who wishes to perform Salah, SURAU is one level below
                 the Multipurpose Hall)
7.45pm   Registration
8.00pm   Introduction & Welcome Speech
8.05pm   The Danger of Obesity by Mr Andy Osbahr.
8.20pm   Why You Should Join 90Days Body Challenge? by Ain Kalam Osbahr
8.30pm   Testimonial by Ms Azura Rahman - Winner of previous season Challenge.
8.40pm   How To Join the 90Days Body Challenge? by Ain Kalam Osbahr
8.50pm   How Do You Get Rewarded? by Andy Osbahr

9.00pm   FREE Zumba Session
9.30pm   FREE Group Body Workout [Please bring a Yoga Mat with you]
10.00pm  Group Photo Session & 90Days Body Challenge Registration for the next season.
10.30pm  End

i)  Please come in comfortable attire & sports shoes as we will have ZUMBA & Workout session at the end of the Seminar.
ii) For existing 90Days Body Challenge participants, please wear your Push to the Limit t shirt.