Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travel Log Day 2

Neil Chandler the Owner of the Dive Center
I sent a message to one of the number on the flyer for a dive trip but didnt get any response. So, just before breakfast i went to the reception counter and ask if they could help me call the number. And yey.. i was lucky coz i can just join the dive group although there was no booking made.
Mr Neil came over to the hotel where i stayed and sent a taxi over to bring me to the pier. There was quite a heavy traffic at the pier itself. It was fun somehow with all the chaos.. hehe :D i was then introduced to James who was supposed to take care of me during the dive. My wish before even meeting up with the dive center owners and instructors was.. "please let them be a hunk!" Hahahaa it will make my dive trip more fun! :D and.. yeahh.. it was good!
My refresher session went well and James' comment was i didnt look like i have not been diving for a long time. And went for easy dive.. visibility was bad.. i took my camera with me.. i will upload some pictures when i get back to Malaysia later on.. and this post will have an 'edited' note on top alright? ;) the 2nd dive was not any better.. the water was murky.. err is that the word for it? And Yo Yo pulled me underwater to show me a turtle but i can't see it! Yo Yo is a nick name given hehehe :D because he had bouyancy problem when he dived before.. he is a retiree from the US.
I am glad that i met a few friendly people on the boat.. lunch was simple but yummy.. maybe because i was hungry even before the 1st dive! The cookies.. hmm :/ feel like wanna look for it! I kinda got addicted to it.
After the dive we went back to the pier at around 4pm. Neil took me back to he hotel on a motorbike. It was much faster then the taxi.. traffic was madness here somehow. could be due to the holiday.
I took a stroll by the beach after that.. and just walk around doing people watching. Nothing interesting if you ask me. The next time i come here, i will get a hotel on the other side of the island.. get away from the busy area..
And woohoo i get my 2nd serving of pulut mangga!