Monday, May 25, 2015

FREE Seminar - WIN RM1,500 Cash!

sound interesting enough? yup... you will get the chance to win RM1,500 cash at the end of 90Days! Come and listen to know how to achieve that!
6.30pm   Guests Arrival
                   Hi-Tea/Snacks & Networking
7.20pm   Break for Maghrib Prayer (for those who wishes to perform Salah, SURAU is one level below
                 the Multipurpose Hall)
7.45pm   Registration
8.00pm   Introduction & Welcome Speech
8.05pm   The Danger of Obesity by Mr Andy Osbahr.
8.20pm   Why You Should Join 90Days Body Challenge? by Ain Kalam Osbahr
8.30pm   Testimonial by Ms Azura Rahman - Winner of previous season Challenge.
8.40pm   How To Join the 90Days Body Challenge? by Ain Kalam Osbahr
8.50pm   How Do You Get Rewarded? by Andy Osbahr

9.00pm   FREE Zumba Session
9.30pm   FREE Group Body Workout [Please bring a Yoga Mat with you]
10.00pm  Group Photo Session & 90Days Body Challenge Registration for the next season.
10.30pm  End

i)  Please come in comfortable attire & sports shoes as we will have ZUMBA & Workout session at the end of the Seminar.
ii) For existing 90Days Body Challenge participants, please wear your Push to the Limit t shirt.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Travel Log Day 3 & 4

After the not so clear visibility during my 2 dives, i have decided not to go for diving on Monday. i chose to go for ZUMBA instead and you know what? not regretting it, in fact i have also arranged to go for another session on the day that i am leaving pattaya. i met stephanie on fb and when i searched for zumba pattaya. and i just tried my luck. i love her class, and she has a beautiful studio. i wish 1 fine day i will be able to have my own studio as well. insyaallah.

for the 2nd session, i arranged with my hotel's reception for someone to fetch me to and fro to the studio on a motorbike. hehehe :D coz it will be faster and i hope i can make it on time to the airport! errmmm let me just share the picture okay. 
taken on the 1st day i was there.
with the ladies before we start with the ZUMBA class because i had to rush back to the hotel :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travel Log Day 2

Neil Chandler the Owner of the Dive Center
I sent a message to one of the number on the flyer for a dive trip but didnt get any response. So, just before breakfast i went to the reception counter and ask if they could help me call the number. And yey.. i was lucky coz i can just join the dive group although there was no booking made.
Mr Neil came over to the hotel where i stayed and sent a taxi over to bring me to the pier. There was quite a heavy traffic at the pier itself. It was fun somehow with all the chaos.. hehe :D i was then introduced to James who was supposed to take care of me during the dive. My wish before even meeting up with the dive center owners and instructors was.. "please let them be a hunk!" Hahahaa it will make my dive trip more fun! :D and.. yeahh.. it was good!
My refresher session went well and James' comment was i didnt look like i have not been diving for a long time. And went for easy dive.. visibility was bad.. i took my camera with me.. i will upload some pictures when i get back to Malaysia later on.. and this post will have an 'edited' note on top alright? ;) the 2nd dive was not any better.. the water was murky.. err is that the word for it? And Yo Yo pulled me underwater to show me a turtle but i can't see it! Yo Yo is a nick name given hehehe :D because he had bouyancy problem when he dived before.. he is a retiree from the US.
I am glad that i met a few friendly people on the boat.. lunch was simple but yummy.. maybe because i was hungry even before the 1st dive! The cookies.. hmm :/ feel like wanna look for it! I kinda got addicted to it.
After the dive we went back to the pier at around 4pm. Neil took me back to he hotel on a motorbike. It was much faster then the taxi.. traffic was madness here somehow. could be due to the holiday.
I took a stroll by the beach after that.. and just walk around doing people watching. Nothing interesting if you ask me. The next time i come here, i will get a hotel on the other side of the island.. get away from the busy area..
And woohoo i get my 2nd serving of pulut mangga!

FREE Seminar - 90 Days Body Challenge 10th May 2015

Book your seat today.. email to or whatsapp me +60122905653 with your name.

Get your friends to come with you. The more the merrier!

10th May 2015 from 5pm to 7pm. Registration at 4.30pm. Gonna be at our condo's multipurpose hall.

Waze for Riana Green East Condo, Jalan Wangsa Delima 7. We are near the Wangsa Walk Mall.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I have to break the posting into 2 because it exceeds the limit for mobile posting. I am so lazy to switch on my laptop :p

Travel Log Day 1

The journey was so long from the airport to the hotel where i stayed. The taxi driver who came to pick me up was bluerrghh.. hahahah :D first i thought it would be easier if i can just book him to be my designated taxi driver while i am here but after being in the car with him for about 3 hours.. i find that he is a jerk, decided not to take his service.
I took the stress relief medication to help calm myself before the flight took off. Hence i have been falling asleep every now and then. And this taxi driver made emergency brakes just to wake me up! Can you just believe that? And he talk to himself in the taxi.. laugh for no reason.. urmm well maybe just to amuse himself coz he was bored driving in the bad traffic.
As i reached the hotel, it didn't look as nice as in the picture on but it was ok.. will have a hotel review in a different posting in my blog. The bellboy (old man) carried my heavy luggage up 3 levels coz there was no lift! Poor old man!
Once i settled in my room, changed to my bermuda and decided to walk along the beach which was not really right in front of the hotel, 100 meters walk and needed to cross the road.
First intention was looking for a dive center.. feeling disappointed as all i could find was sky diving activities! I walked for about 15 mins and found a shopping mall after hard rock cafe. Maybe i can go to hard rock cafe the next night to chill. And the guy who was supposed to arrange for my diving did not come back to me.
As i walked along the side roads.. it wasn't really a nice sight.. lol :D lots of old men (mat salleh) with asian women.. i supposed all women were local and they were errmm a disgusting sight for me. To be frank, i prefer phuket :)
My last meal was on the plane where i had chicken rice and haven't really had any food after that.. went into the mall and ordered food.. yeahh just got to be careful looking for halal food here. Found kebab stall that also sells murtabak - in malaysia was more delicious. And.. while waiting i saw a customer served mango and sticky rice!! Yeyyyy.. i was so happy!!! And order iced milk tea as well. Aahh heaven :p
And as it gets darker, i strolled back to my hotel.. bought a leisure tshirt-dress for me to go to the beach tomorrow. Saw a group of people just cooling down after a group exercise. I wonder if they still have it tomorrow maybe i can just join!
Still looking for a diving adventure info.. all i can find was a flyer.. will contact early in the morning and see my luck!. Otherwise.. i will just chill by the beach and get tanned. :) nyte2 everyone.. will update more tomorrow.
2nd may 2015: 11.30pm

Going thru a storm

i have not been updating my blog coz i am going thru some big challenges in my life. When i decided to write a blog last time i told myself that it is going to be only beautiful stuff although life is  not always beautiful. There will be up and down.. roller coaster whatever you want to define it.

I may not wanna share with some people i know coz its too personal for me. But i do appreciate your doa that things will be better for me insyaallah. If you are not the one that i share my sad story with, i am sorry.. but i just dont feel like talking about it.

Today i am going on a trip to be with myself doing things that i love to do.. and if i am lucky..insyaallah my wish will be granted. If not, then life goes on.

Hehehe 😀 for the first time in my life, i missed my flight! And alhamdulillah that lisa decided to accompany me 😄 love u girl.. pls take care of adik ok! Joey and Mischa 😊😊