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pls pray for me

by - March 30, 2015

life has been like a roller coaster for me. i shall not dwell on the sad things that is happening unless i really have to. it was much easier to give advice to others then to face certain situation yourself. so, yeah.. talking to some people may make you feel better or for some, not. there are certain things that are just beyond your control no matter how much you try. but yeah.. suddenly i am out of words to type. my fingers can feel the nervousness of the uncertainty that is going to happen.

the whole of last week was very rough. during those times, at times i hated the statement that was supposedly makes me feel better by saying God has better plans for me. but who am i to question and argue with God, right? so, at the end of the day... i will have to accept His will. am i hurt? damn right i am. and also with the thought or you can feel that some people seems to be relieved with what is happening to me. it would be harsh to say that they are glad.. or they are happy coz obviously they are not sad. i am not gonna say life is unfair cos i am grateful with what that have been granted to me. i need ALL the prayers that i could have for me to be happy again and be more grateful with all that is given to me. :'( being emotional as a normal human being... my life is almost empty and drained.. no more tears left to cry... i need all the positive energy that i could get. Ya Allah.. pls return him back to me.. and insyaAllah as a better person. ameen...
separuh jiwaku pergi...
he is my better person that You have granted... why do this to me now? :'(

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