Tuesday, March 31, 2015


imagine sitting at the same table with 3 other people and you are the only one who do not understand the language, and they keep on talking and chatting as though you are invisible.
imagine sitting at the couch watching TV with 2 other people and while watching TV they were discussing about what is shown on TV in they own language and juts ignore your presence.
imagine being in the car that you drove with 3 other people in the car but they speak a foreign language that you do not understand.
imagine you trying to make a descent conversation and someone whom you cared for just walk away from you like you were talking to the wall.
imagine you were the only one not knowing where everyone is going and you are staying in the same home.
imagine yourself coming home to a house full of people but no one bothers to even ask "how was your day?"
imagine coming home feeling so hungry and there was nothing on the table coz everyone had early dinner without telling you.
how long can a person stay in that circumstances?
why didn't somebody realize that it hurts to be an outcast.
regardless how bad someone's character might be, always remember, it is not the person that is bad - it is the character and no one deserves to be treated like that.