Friday, March 20, 2015

our journey in summary

thank you to those who prayed for our safety while we were there and back :)
i have been sharing stories about my experience in Mekah & Madinah. now i understand the actual feeling. people used to share with me stories but i just cannot relate. i cannot feel the awesomeness that they were talking about. so, here i am sharing the stories - summary of it, and it is okay if you do not feel anything special about it. you own your own feelings and only He can let you feel what you are supposed to feel. 

i am truly grateful that i can go with my 2 kids and my parents for umrah. i had this thought before this if ever i can have that chance. thinking that my parents are getting older year by year, i do not want to put high hopes. but - alhamdulillah it was okay.. both my parents were okay there except we cannot expect my mom to be running like younger people. hehehe :D but yeah alhamdulillah it went well and only on the last day my mom did her tawaf on a driven wheel chair.

before i went, i sort of planned to write to share with my fellow bloggers on my daily experience. but you know what, when i was there, my time was occupied with going to and fro from hotel to the mosque. if you ask me, i didn't even have the urge to even go shopping. only after a few days i sort of had to because i am already out of clothes. hehehe :D and laundry was expensive. so, yeah, we did some shopping for abayas. there are just too many to choose from and beautiful and not expensive. :)) unlike the ones sold here. so, yeahh i bought only 7 pieces for me :p hehehe :D few for lisa and about 5 jubah for joey. or was it more?

eiman travel was good in the sense that they have quliyyah every day after asar. we tried our best to join the session. we stayed at a different hotel so that it will be easier for my parents to be nearer to the mosque. sorry i could not share so many photos. some that i really like have been uploaded on my instagram. if you are my follower, you will be able to view. sorry if i have not accepted you to be my follower. 

i am so sleepy now to continue blogging. stop kejap nak solat :D will continue later, insyaallah. lots more to share...
on the last day in Madinah. at the side of Masjid Al Nabawi.
at the museum. we received free q'uran per person! :)
my parents at the museum.
normal view there ~ lisa will be with my mom and joey with my dad most of the time.