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mekah here we come

i have wanted to go since 2 or 3 years back and there have always been reasons that i couldn't go through with it. but this year, insyaAllah i will be there Ya Allah, as Your guest. the feeling that i have right now is indescribable. this was what the ustaz said during the course, that once you get to go, 'you are the chosen one' and all i can say is i am so looking forward for the trip. i am so looking forward to leave all that irrelevant in the world and i want to focus on giving myself to Him. Ya Allah, please take good care of my Mischa and Papa while i am away. i pray that i will be in full good health to be able to perform my Umrah and take care of my parents and children as well. insyaallah everything will be smooth. amiinnn... pray for me and family ya, that we will return to malaysia safely. counting days... 1 more day to go. :)

suamiku encik perfect 10 - my personal review

why do i often get sick during holidays? demmmm... and i dont know if my review is biased because i am unwell :p heheheh :D well okay, here goes. the 3 of us will go and watch malay movies together coz others are either not interested or they are not free lah. our latest movies was suamiku encik perfect 10 with aaron aziz and lisa surihani as the main actor and actress. there are a few more that i recognized their faces but i dont know their real names.
we had the same opinion about the whole movie. it was a relaxing story, nice to watch but there was no ummph... tak ada rasa kesan di hati. the way that they captured the movie was quite kurang menyenangkan especially when those with make ups we can can see that the make up was so thick and messy. and those without full make up can see their open pores.
their acting were good... semua pelakon2 berpengalaman and best tengok diorang berlakon.. it was funny lah.. comedy best.. entertaining. the ending of the story was something that no…