Thursday, January 22, 2015

new blog look

okay, please bear with me for awhile. as usual when i am bored, i will change my blog's layout. i am trying to create the mood of blogging again. when i showed this to lisa, she said this is so not me.. hehhe :D my blog usually will be errmm not have this clean look. hmmm yeahh... i kinda like this look for awhile but i cannot change the posting format. i dont like the time of the post. i'd rather have just the date of the postings. hmmm anyone please help... :(

i am trying to do and have some excitement here. i was on MC today and had to cancel my ZUMBA class.. i seldom cancelled. but my bp was too low today and i was walking like a drunk zombie... hahaha :D drunk zombie doing ZUMBA? LOL :D