Thursday, January 29, 2015

Me & Notary Commision of Oath

Okay today I want to share with my readers about my experience with this 1 Notary, Commission of Oath. If you want to know who they are you gotta ask me personally :D :p

I was at their office to get them certified a Letter of Consent from Kaiser for me to go for Umrah. Then the lady at the reception counter said that they don't do Letter of Consent.they do other documents for Surat Akuan but not Letter of Consent. Weird.. but who am I to say further. So, I called Datuk Ustaz Zawawi to inform him my problem coz my family and I will be going under his group. Right after I hang up, the lady at the reception then said, they can do it but for RM50! So my thought, rather than I have to drive here and there looking for another notary, might as well I pay. So I gave her my IC and the documents. Then I was called in by her Boss, supposedly the lawyer. 

Me: Assalamualaikum
Lawyer: Waalaikumsalam. Who is this? **referring to Kaiser's name on the document**
Me: He is my husband.
Lawyer: What is he? African? Nigerian? **in a sarcastic tone and expression**
Me: No, he is a German.
Lawyer: Where is he?
Me: He is at work.
Lawyer: He needs to sign in front of me for me to certify.
Me: Owh.. errmm but he is at work. I do not know his schedule now.
Lawyer: What is he working as?
Me: Personal Trainer.
Lawyer: Then if he is not here, I will have to charge you another RM50 lah.
Me: Owh.. so total of RM100?
Lawyer: Yes because he is not here, I charge additional rm50. **and back to his work, did not look at me, and pass the documents to his staff**
Me: Then I will have to take out cash first coz I don't bring enough cash unless you accept credit card.
Lawyer: No! No.. cash only! 
Me: Ok then. 

And when I was back at the reception counter with the lady.

Me: astaghfirullahalazim, macam ni ye orang buat business?
Lady: He has the right to charge under Akta... whatever
Me: I know he has the right to charge, but RM100?? This is taking advantage. But since I am going for Umrah, I will pay.
Lady: Hmm..

I took all my documents.. went downstairs out of that office... spoke to Datuk, and then called Kaiser and couldn't help myself and I cried. :'( Another solution is to go with Kaiser to another Notary nearby my office. 

My question is, is it right to charge that high? If it is, then, patut lah lawyers semua kaya2 ye? Macam ni cari rezeki? Tekan orang ramai? **sigh**