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Jan Blab

by - January 20, 2015

Since I have too many stuff to do and in my head, i decided to name this post Jan Blab so that I can blab :P It is only the 3rd week of 2015 and yet it has been very fast for me. too many things/events to be done/plan for the year. my zumba activities are full at the moment, alhamdulillah. insyaallah kaiser and i are in the midst of planning for something bigger than last year.

efforts for flood victims: at the same time there have been many things happening around.. the country... the world... the latest was about the flood. watching the videos... looking at the photos spread over the internet was painful enough. and I cannot imagine how those people who are directly affected are facing it. what can we do to help? donate... contribute and stop complaining and finding faults. and on my side, what do I do?

we sell our tshirts at clearance price, flat rate at RM25 each where every RM10 will be given to the flood victim in Kelantan. Why Kelantan? Because I will transfer the money directly to my uncle who is staying there and at least I know where the donation is heading. Not many sizes left, so hurry grab yours. :)
at the moment we are also doing a 90Days Body Challenge activities for those who wants to lose weight and make money at the same time. we will provide free group body workout and free zumba session weekly basis. and for those who are not in the group can walk in for the zumba session at RM10 walk in rate. and for now, 50% of the daily collection will be placed for the flood victims. :) if you want to know where and when, like my fb page and you will get all the updates. so.. uurmm yeahh... thats it about the effort for now. :) but of course if you wish to transfer your donation directly, please forward them to:
Latest Update: The money will be used for recovering process of the victims, and not necessarily for food purchase.

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