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Me & Notary Commision of Oath

Okay today I want to share with my readers about my experience with this 1 Notary, Commission of Oath. If you want to know who they are you gotta ask me personally :D :p
I was at their office to get them certified a Letter of Consent from Kaiser for me to go for Umrah. Then the lady at the reception counter said that they don't do Letter of Consent.they do other documents for Surat Akuan but not Letter of Consent. Weird.. but who am I to say further. So, I called Datuk Ustaz Zawawi to inform him my problem coz my family and I will be going under his group. Right after I hang up, the lady at the reception then said, they can do it but for RM50! So my thought, rather than I have to drive here and there looking for another notary, might as well I pay. So I gave her my IC and the documents. Then I was called in by her Boss, supposedly the lawyer. 
Me: Assalamualaikum Lawyer: Waalaikumsalam. Who is this? **referring to Kaiser's name on the document** Me: He is my husband. Lawyer: …

a sunday routine

love to start early on a sunday morning. it makes my day fresh for the whole day as long as i don't lie down again in bed after whatever activity in the morning :D :p my day started with 8am zumba at the park, i brought my 2 assistants with me :) lisa and ati. ati helped with the selling of tshirts and lisa helped me with the tickets :D we had more than 30 participants that day. it was a great workout!  after zumba we had a quick breakfast at kopitiam. i had my protein shake before and after zumba. so i helped lisa with her wantan noodles a lil bit. before the food arrives at our table, apa lagi... wefie selfie lah.. for joey, the maid has already prepared baked beans + eggs and to be eaten with bread.
 this weekend was my first time ordered some groceries stuff from tesco online. it was convenient just that i find that the chicken wasn't like errmm as fresh looking as the one i bought from aeon jusco. service was good, right to the house door. i would do again if i am too ti…

mama sedih

i have a lot of things to share in my blog with regards to my weekend activities. but what happened this morning beats any other stories that i feel like sharing. not writing this to disgrace joey but i want him to know that this is how i feel as a mom, if ever i deserved to be called and treated as one - by him. mama sedih bila joey tengking mama dalam lift pagi tadi, when i asked a simple question like any other mom would do who cares about her son. perhaps i dont even have to finish that last sentence coz most kids, maybe you too take it for granted that every mom should care for her children. mama tanya joey if you have taken your meds and the answer that i got was "i am MAD at you!!" and yang paling mama sedih bila joey tengking mama macam mama ni bukan mama joey. 
joey marah sebab hari ni mama lambat hantar joey. joey marah mama macam mama ni kucing kurap tepi jalan yang joey boleh sepak2 bila bila masa joey nak. ya, macam tu lah joey buat mama rasa... macam mama ni su…

Pops Eatery Wangsa Maju - my personal review

today was the first time that i did my groceries shopping online. i am a happy mom, wife.. etc.. hahaha :D then lisa said she was hungry and she feels like eating at Pops. we asked joey if he wants to come along.. and as usual, his first choice would be his anime. :p anyway, it was supposed to be my early dinner but i failed miserably... i had half portion of chinese fried rice. okay, here's my review about the restaurant. lisa has been promoting this place to me for a long time. date of visit: 24 Jan 2015location: PoP's Eatery, Lot 28055, Jalan Wangsa Delima, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju, Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju. Tel: 03-4144 3162place & decor: simple and nice looks cosy for lepakking. cleanliness: 9 out of 10. restaurant service: efficient, quite fast. maybe because we were the only customer at that time. we noticed that they have too many workers. they could cut down into half to cut cost :p #justsayingfood: food was yummy... it exceeds my expectation... price: we are okay w…

congrats nurul

aku ni dah semenjak dua menjak kalau tengok baby memang emo. seronok tengok orang ada baby... tipu lah aku kalau aku kata aku tak teringin nak ada baby dengan kaiser. tapi Tuhan itu Maha Mengetahui. And He knows best what is best for hambaNya. hari ni aku dapat email on Nurul's update pasal her new baby. alahai... bestnya... :D tengok je lah.. hehehe :D untuk aku, walaupun teringin, kena redha la jugak tak ada rezeki. and aku pun dah malas jugak kalau nak berjaga malam... and kalau tak cukup tido.. so buat masa ni tok sah la berangan cik ain oyyy... esok esok main dengan cucu je lah... LOL :D

tetamu Allah

insyaAllah cita2 aku bakal menjadi kenyataan untuk bawa sama-sama anak2 aku ke kota Mekah... and the bonus part is... we will be going with my parents. betul lah.. aku baca buku the secret tu... when you think of positive things and focus, insyaAllah di makbulkan if it is good for you. for the past 3 years aku teringin nak pergi tapi mesti ada halangan, delay lah... tak de mahram lah... etc etc... so, i told myself, it is not time yet. belum rezeki aku.. but last year bila my mom told me about the plan, aku terus setuju and all fall into places. so, today i have passed all the documents to the travel agency for them to process. honestly i do not know what to expect cuma aku sentiasa doa supaya semuanya dipermudahkan untuk aku dan seisi keluarga.. insyaAllah... dah kaiser yang bakal aku tinggalkan di sini pun akan selamat dan jaga mischa sepemergian kami nanti.. :D hehehe :D mischa behave okay...

new blog look

okay, please bear with me for awhile. as usual when i am bored, i will change my blog's layout. i am trying to create the mood of blogging again. when i showed this to lisa, she said this is so not me.. hehhe :D my blog usually will be errmm not have this clean look. hmmm yeahh... i kinda like this look for awhile but i cannot change the posting format. i dont like the time of the post. i'd rather have just the date of the postings. hmmm anyone please help... :(
i am trying to do and have some excitement here. i was on MC today and had to cancel my ZUMBA class.. i seldom cancelled. but my bp was too low today and i was walking like a drunk zombie... hahaha :D drunk zombie doing ZUMBA? LOL :D

my kind of happy feet

apa lagi?? kisah aku dengan zumba aku lah kan.. haa.. terus bahasa melayu :) the event yang ditunggu tunggu akhirnya tiba. that was on the 18th jan 2015. the organizer wanted to create malaysia book of records, for the largest zumba party. memang best... untuk aku, aku lebih suka lepak dan tengok gelagat orang ramai :D seronok sebab tengok orang seronok. and of course akan lebih seronok kalau dapat berada atas pentas dengan ZES david veles yang best tu. bertuah semua instructors yang terpilih untuk sama2 berada atas pentas. terasa rugi pulak aku tak apply... tapi ada criteria yang aku tak dapat penuhi so, nasib lah tak apply pun kan. :D hehehe :D 
aku pergi sama2 dengan members dari ako fitness team yang memang rajin untuk pergi sama2 for such events. diorang memang sporting and happening. bila tengok diorang excited, aku pun terexcited jugak. pagi tu zilah ambik aku kat rumah... nak dijadikan cerita, aku pulak kena food poisoning 3 hari sebelum event. memang lembik lah kan... cherry…

Jan Blab

Since I have too many stuff to do and in my head, i decided to name this post Jan Blab so that I can blab :P It is only the 3rd week of 2015 and yet it has been very fast for me. too many things/events to be done/plan for the year. my zumba activities are full at the moment, alhamdulillah. insyaallah kaiser and i are in the midst of planning for something bigger than last year.
efforts for flood victims: at the same time there have been many things happening around.. the country... the world... the latest was about the flood. watching the videos... looking at the photos spread over the internet was painful enough. and I cannot imagine how those people who are directly affected are facing it. what can we do to help? donate... contribute and stop complaining and finding faults. and on my side, what do I do?
we sell our tshirts at clearance price, flat rate at RM25 each where every RM10 will be given to the flood victim in Kelantan. Why Kelantan? Because I will transfer the money directly…

Teka Teki

I thought of sharing this on fb but it is too long.. so best is in my blog :) it is ouch but so true 😢TEKA-TEKI IMAM AL- GHAZALI
Suatu hari, Imam Al-Ghazali berkumpul
dengan murid-muridnya lalu beliau
bertanya (Teka Teki ) ;
Imam Ghazali = " Apakah yang paling
dekat dengan diri kita di dunia ini ?
Murid 1 = " Orang tua "
Murid 2 = " Guru "
Murid 3 = " Teman "
Murid 4 = " Kaum kerabat "
Imam Ghazali = " Semua jawapan itu
benar. Tetapi yang paling dekat dengan
kita ialah MATI. Sebab itu janji Allah
bahawa setiap yang bernyawa pasti akan
mati ( Surah Ali-Imran ;185).
Imam Ghazali = " Apa yang paling jauh
dari kita di dunia ini ?"
Murid 1 = " Negeri Cina "
Murid 2 = " Bulan "
Murid 3 = " Matahari "
Murid 4 = " Bintang-bintang "
Iman Ghazali = " Semua jawaban itu
benar. Tetapi yang paling benar adalah
MASA LALU. Bagaimanapun kita, apapun
kenderaan kita,…

A good story to share :)

Got this from my aunt this morning in our famoly wassap group. Enjoy and learn from it. Wang syiling jatuh di hadapan seorang lelaki yang sedang asyik membancuh simen. Melihat logam kecil itu, tangan lelaki itu terhenti melakukan kerja. Tidak menunggu lama, tangannya segera mengutip syiling itu dan dimasukkan ke dalam poketnya. Dia menyambung semula kerjanya. Sekali lagi lelaki itu terpandang duit syiling tidak jauh dari sisinya . Lelaki itu menoleh ke kiri ke kanan dan sekelilingnya. Tiada siapa yang berdekatan dengannya. Sekali lagi dia terus mengambil syiling itu dan menyimpan dalam koceknya.Tidak lama kemudian, lelaki itu ternampak lagi duit syiling berdekatan dengannya. Pun sama, dia mengambil dan menyimpannya."Rezeki aku..!" Kata lelaki itu dalam hati. Lelaki itu tidak sedar, logam syiling itu sebenarnya dicampakkan oleh ketuanya dari aras lapan bangunan separuh siap yang mereka bina itu. Sebenarnya, ketuanya mahu memanggilnya. Puas ketuanya menjerit daripada aras lapa…