Sunday, December 28, 2014

manisnya cinta di cappadocia

we postponed the plan to watch the movie for more than 2 weeks... i wanted to watch with lisa, but then she said my mom wants to watch too. since i was away in phuket, lisa waited for me to come back then only we plan to go. then, my mom went for a holiday, postponed again until last saturday night, i was at the sofa watching some movie, suddenly there was tayangan perdana on manisnya cinta. it was only half an hour and their marketing strategy works. that night i straight away booked 4 tickets to watch the movie at wangsa walk mall for sunday :D

we loved the movie very much. it was a sweet funny romantic comedy and ala faily tale. and in between the story not all are beautiful. of course in any family, there will be drama.. the not nice part. combination of fazura and lisa surihani as sisters were just perfect. love to watch them both. shahiezy sam was very natural - of course not as macho as some tough actor but his acting was just right and sweet. when i came out of the cinema my face was like baru bangun tidur - some of the scenes were sad so it did make me cry - a lot. not everyone would be lucky like 'ifti' to have back a good man in her life. just one thing, why is it that it has got to be a pilot laa? :p 

readers, please go and watch this movie if you like funny romantic movie :) and a fan of fazura, lisa surihani, shahiezy sam :D :p