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Looking back at 2014

today being the last day in 2014 let me just re-look at my past... and ermmm... now i don't feel like posting everything in detail :p it has been a very fast year for me. it has been hectic... busy... fun... sad all at once. 
hectic because i have many classes to cover.. and due to that, i decided to open up a company and start to engage free lance instructors. the fun part was i get to know many instructors now. the sad thing is when the instructor that you know started to stab you on the back... hmm it is not all fancy in this industry either.
then i sort of had to buy an apartment. and the relaxing by having part time job has become slightly like a task.. and ermmm not to say it burdens me but i need to keep on teaching to earn more and cannot la lavish2 like that anymore. all the income has a channel to go to - no more for pleasure solely.
alhamdulillah we manage to have 3 charity zumba events this year... and the response are getting better and better. 
i had issues with j…

4 days 3 nights in Phuket

fully employed and managing a business is not an easy task. it has been a really fast moving year for me, for us... kaiser and also joelis. towards end of the year suddenly kaiser mentioned/suggested about going for a holiday. urrmm well not really end yet, it was actually somewhere in october, 2014.
not easy to get kaiser to belanja for a holiday. hahaha :D his first idea was krabi but because of the bad experience we had there about 6 years ago, i really don't feel like going back. and plus, i think it is more fun and happening in phuket. so, i started to look for hotels and flight to phuket. and because we sort of decided last minute, the flight fare was a bit high and this time, i decided to fly via Malaysia Airlines. :) 
11th dec to 14th dec 2014: it was really really a good break for me.. break from work and from whatever activities. i actually switched off data mobile for the very first time in my life - and had a good break. except that i will be looking for free wifi to be…

manisnya cinta di cappadocia

we postponed the plan to watch the movie for more than 2 weeks... i wanted to watch with lisa, but then she said my mom wants to watch too. since i was away in phuket, lisa waited for me to come back then only we plan to go. then, my mom went for a holiday, postponed again until last saturday night, i was at the sofa watching some movie, suddenly there was tayangan perdana on manisnya cinta. it was only half an hour and their marketing strategy works. that night i straight away booked 4 tickets to watch the movie at wangsa walk mall for sunday :D
we loved the movie very much. it was a sweet funny romantic comedy and ala faily tale. and in between the story not all are beautiful. of course in any family, there will be drama.. the not nice part. combination of fazura and lisa surihani as sisters were just perfect. love to watch them both. shahiezy sam was very natural - of course not as macho as some tough actor but his acting was just right and sweet. when i came out of the cinema my …

U4Ria Carnival

looks like my sort of a promise that my last event was in October did not come true. orang kata, "rezeki jangan di tolak". at that time, i had loads of fun.. oh well.. zumba is always fun for everyone anywhere anytime :D AKO Fitness had an offer we can't resist... it was a 2-days zumba session at the Lake Valley, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. before this event, i do not know where the heck was the place, but once i entered the area, it was not bad at all. lots of nice beautiful houses. just that to go there is quite a distance for me lah.  in total we had more than 450 participants for the 2 days.

the first 300 who registered online received a free tshirts from the sponsor. we danced in the rain on the first day... all wet with sweat and rain... we didn't stop... till the last 90 minutes. the 2nd day it was really a hot sunny sunday! by the time it hit passed 30 minutes, we can see from the stage some of the participants were getting tired and thirsty - but the amazing th…