Friday, November 7, 2014

Dance Fitness Party with G2000

somehow i really had a great time last night. AKOFitness was offered to conduct a ZUMBA Fitness session during their Annual Dinner. Their GM is one of my member at Hotel Maya Fitness Centre. At first all the employees were shy but after the 2nd song, they were already warmed up and yeahh they were a bunch of exciting and sporting people!! and thank you so much to my shadows... ZIN Riena, Wawa Hals and Syara. I do not know how to describe how happy I was being with them.. I have not been out clubbing for so long and last night felt like it... heheehe and after that we had good sate at Doorai and rojak!! yummehhh...
terasa macam cheerleaders pun ado... :p