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burger king & 5 sen

by - November 17, 2014

i am writing this while it is still fresh in my memory, and because it just happened to me few minutes ago. and because i am in customer service line and i just cannot accept this behavior.

i was at burger king, kl sentral to get 1 large fries. just feel like eating fries, so don't talk to me about diet! :p anyway, my large fries was rm5.25 and i gave the cashier rm5.30 with the intention, i want to see if i will get back my 5 sen change. do you realize that it has been happening quite a lot nowadays that cashiers do not give back their customers' change of 5 sens, or sometimes 10 sens? it has become like a norm. so here was the conversation:

cashier: here's your fries maam. *while slipping the receipt in the fries' paper bag*
me: *just waited there for my change, and she looked at me with a weird face expression* the fries was rm5.25 right?
cashier: yes... ?
me: and do i get back my change?
cashier: it's 5 sen?! *with her eyes wide open*
me: yeah.. 5 sen, shouldn't you be giving back your customers their change like printed on the receipt? *smile*
cashier: owhh... hehehe :D i didn't have 5 sen *she asked from her colleague at the next counter, and the guy gave her 5 sen*
me: *in my heart... that is not my problem that you do not have 5 sen!* thank you! *and left them puzzled or termalu*

i would assumed that you would say, 5 sen pun berkira? bukan berkira, but customers' rights to be getting back their change.

my question is, at least don't they inform their customers if they do not have the change? they just assumed that it's alright with customers to 'burn' the 5 sen? and how many customers a day / a week do they do that to? BURGER KING, is that how you trained your people? i would consider that cheating your customer.

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