Wednesday, October 29, 2014

allergy and i

its sounds silly alright but just wanted to share about it here. i started to cough last week, and the cause was the nivea spray that i bought. i have always been using the roll on deo, but somehow when i did my shopping the other day, i was so gatal to buy the spray deo. maybe i wanted to try something dryer. :p and i noticed that every time i sprayed, the dust got into my nose. and because i was in the bathroom i can't really run anywhere. i tried not breathing while spraying and it didn't help. so after a few day perhaps the 3rd day using, i started to cough. and it is getting from bad to worse. until it was like dry cough. i didn't go to the clinic and just took the dry cough meds in the fridge. after 2 days, i took the one with running nose and that is when i develop phlegm. and i had to visit a doctor, and so i was allergic to this spray.. hemmm... next time, ain, don't go gatal2 and buy something that is out of the ordinary! and until today i am still having that cough and my voice is so garau :p it may be suitable for you, but definitely not for me.