Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2 events in a month?? am i out of my mind??

www.nurain007.zumba.comi did mentioned that the masquerade pink party will be the last party for year 2014. :p but.. i lied :P hahha :D there will be another party... i would call it a mini party for those who just wanna have fun in zumba fitness. i actually shifted my regular Tuesday evening class from X'treme Hardcore Gym to Dewan Serbaguna Datuk Keramat - and to make it more fun, there will be more instructors leading the songs, lucky draw and also best dressed award for those who comes in costume. No, it is not a must to come in costume. whoever feels like it can do so lah.
not exactly the one that i have..but something like this lah :)
the weekend was full with activities finishing up arranging those names who registered early for the pink party. penatnya and rushingnya Tuhan jer yang tau. why do i do this? because we enjoy doing it. the pink party was a bigger event... and it is the biggest so far as we get more sponsorship and support this time. alhamdulillah getting better and better. joelis helped me out to settle the tickets. and owh.. did i tell you i bought paper cutter, and it was so cool?? i can now print my own event tickets!! yeyoowhh... macam best je kan?? rasa macam budak2 sekolah main potong2 kertas. 

www.nurain007.zumba.comsemalam joey bebel jugak lah bila mintak tolong sort out the tickets portion.. ye lah from 3 different people kena susun ikut date and time to make sure the right people gets the first 100 token.  hhehe :D biasalah kan, i am taking his time off from his japanese movie. lisa helped me to cut the zombies zumba tickets... i can do it actually coz memang best main potong2 ni.. we did only 100 tickets for that. jimat la jugak the cost. this is for the 28th oct party.

ok. .. ok.. no more for 2014.. that is last.. hhehe lepas tu focus on just the permanent classes 3 times a week. well actually 2 classes a week. i am sort of reducing the classes. nak rest sikit. and at least until lisa settle her spm. the school's solat hajat pun i will miss this thursday sebab ada event practise. :( i am so sorry girl... but you know i will always pray for your success.

**sigh** penat tapi at the end, sure puas hati :)