Thursday, October 30, 2014


gosh the phone call from the lawyer was my last bluerrghhh today. so many things happening at one time until i don't know which one to handle first.. i am doing okay for the moment but that doesn't mean that things are not serabut. entah apa2, beli apartment macam beli mansion juta2 pulak.. punya la lama process tak settle2 lagi... makin surut kut savings aku dok tarik2. last2 nasib baik clarify balik amount yang depa mintak tu sebenarnya aku dah bayar.

lagi satu, soal hati dan perasaan...cheywahh macam rasa bercinta.. dak la.. ini bukan pasal orang bercinta. ini pasal apa yang aku buat untuk orang lain. kalau aku (atau sesiapa pun lah) suka nak buat sesuatu, mesti dengan rela buat je kan? tak de turning back dah omputih kata... atau kita tak terasa ralat ke regret ke apa ke.. tapi kali ni, aku buat ni sebab kawan2 aku tapi aku masih tak puas hati. ada je staff2 ingat aku dah start berkira, tapi korang pikir la ehh... agak2 lah kan... ada ke aku mintak duit korang untuk aku modalkan lesen aku? untuk perah otak dan keringat aku untuk combine certain choreography? korang mesti pikir, ingat aku pikir pasal duit jer... eh hello... ada ke benda2 free kat dunia ni? kalau ada yang dah start tarik muka tu kan, memang aku meluat lah kan... memang aku suka tapi sekarang ni aku rasa macam aku sendiri tak puas hati, jenis habis madu sepah di buang, ha gitu lah. kalau korang berkira... suka hati aku lah nak berkira kan... 

anak aku nak spm hari isnin ni... aku pun serabut jugak... memang beberapa minggu or bulan ni banyak nak pakai cash... pun serabut jugak jadi nya. jadi aku ikhtiar lah apa2 yang patut... ikut expertise aku. memang la kena ada modal tapi alhamdulillah dapatlah untung untuk cover perbelanjaan apa2 yang patut. aleh2 bimmer aku buat hal... hahahah :D dah terbang rm420... sabor je ler... 

boleh tak aku buat posting aku kali ni biar hanging je macam ni? :p bosan lah.. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

allergy and i

its sounds silly alright but just wanted to share about it here. i started to cough last week, and the cause was the nivea spray that i bought. i have always been using the roll on deo, but somehow when i did my shopping the other day, i was so gatal to buy the spray deo. maybe i wanted to try something dryer. :p and i noticed that every time i sprayed, the dust got into my nose. and because i was in the bathroom i can't really run anywhere. i tried not breathing while spraying and it didn't help. so after a few day perhaps the 3rd day using, i started to cough. and it is getting from bad to worse. until it was like dry cough. i didn't go to the clinic and just took the dry cough meds in the fridge. after 2 days, i took the one with running nose and that is when i develop phlegm. and i had to visit a doctor, and so i was allergic to this spray.. hemmm... next time, ain, don't go gatal2 and buy something that is out of the ordinary! and until today i am still having that cough and my voice is so garau :p it may be suitable for you, but definitely not for me.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pemergian azli

Aku dah tertidur sebenarnya.. selepas makan ubat batuk. Sakit dada rasanya bila batuk macam ni. Dah dua hari. Sekarang tak boleh tidur balik sebab teringatkan Azli. 6.05ptg, 25 Oct 2014, rakan sepejabat Azli, telah menemui Maha Pencipta. Jam sekarang pukul 1245am, 26 Oct 2014. Aku terbayang2 my last met with Azli was a few days before his accident. Biasa pagi2 aku akan breakfast di tingkat 13, pagi tu aku terserempak dengan Azli di ground floor as i was walking towards the lift. Azli seperti biasa sambil tersengih2 tengok handphone sambil berjalan. Aku tegur Azli macam biasa.. "oit.. haa sengih2!" And Azli nyahut "oikk.. he he" sambil jalan terus..masih tersengih. And that was my last memory of him alive. I guess Allah wants me to keep that memory of him. When we, staff of Malakoff heard of the accident, we were sad and shocked. We cried together during the Solat Hajat. We prayed for his family to be strong and Azli to come back to us... but Allah loves him more. Semoga roh beliau tenang di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Biarlah senyuman itu menjadi ingatan kami, warga Malakoff. 😢

Photo fm Ita's (Azli's wife) fb.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

let me breathe

wow alhamdulillah... the last event organized by AKOFITNESS for 2014 completed on 12th October, 2014. and yeahh i can say it was a success. we have so many people to thank for and many more to do after event. will be updating the official website as soon as i can.

we have not finished counting the total net profit yet coz i need space to breathe. kaiser has been bugging me :p i had fever since monday and now still in recovering process. need to also check on the first 100 purchased tickets tokens that have not been collected. need to sort out that one. 

remembering lot's of people's kerenah before the event just.. ermm i don't know what to say... but i guess this blog is to share only the fun part... hahaha :D nak cerita pun dah penat... 

i have two weeks more to settle our lil halloween zumba party. this is going to be a mini event where our class being relocated to the hall instead of xtreme hardcore gym where we usually have a class. and for instructors who are free that night and wished to join the party for free they just need to contribute 1 song during the party. we currently have 4 ZINs in line... there are still space for a few more ZINs. and it is going to be FUN!!! come in costume to add more spice in the party!!

TICKETS ARE LIMITED, so, please do not wait to the last minute. no bookings please. 
details for online payment is at
if you ask me... yeah i am exhausted... but i am just happy doing all these. it is really fun! hehehe :D i want to blog more... but i am tired. i want to express how i feel before... after the event, but i am tired.. *breathing deeply*. right now, i miss my kids so much... i miss kaiser's hug so much...we have been too busy... :p

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2 events in a month?? am i out of my mind??

www.nurain007.zumba.comi did mentioned that the masquerade pink party will be the last party for year 2014. :p but.. i lied :P hahha :D there will be another party... i would call it a mini party for those who just wanna have fun in zumba fitness. i actually shifted my regular Tuesday evening class from X'treme Hardcore Gym to Dewan Serbaguna Datuk Keramat - and to make it more fun, there will be more instructors leading the songs, lucky draw and also best dressed award for those who comes in costume. No, it is not a must to come in costume. whoever feels like it can do so lah.
not exactly the one that i have..but something like this lah :)
the weekend was full with activities finishing up arranging those names who registered early for the pink party. penatnya and rushingnya Tuhan jer yang tau. why do i do this? because we enjoy doing it. the pink party was a bigger event... and it is the biggest so far as we get more sponsorship and support this time. alhamdulillah getting better and better. joelis helped me out to settle the tickets. and owh.. did i tell you i bought paper cutter, and it was so cool?? i can now print my own event tickets!! yeyoowhh... macam best je kan?? rasa macam budak2 sekolah main potong2 kertas. 

www.nurain007.zumba.comsemalam joey bebel jugak lah bila mintak tolong sort out the tickets portion.. ye lah from 3 different people kena susun ikut date and time to make sure the right people gets the first 100 token.  hhehe :D biasalah kan, i am taking his time off from his japanese movie. lisa helped me to cut the zombies zumba tickets... i can do it actually coz memang best main potong2 ni.. we did only 100 tickets for that. jimat la jugak the cost. this is for the 28th oct party.

ok. .. ok.. no more for 2014.. that is last.. hhehe lepas tu focus on just the permanent classes 3 times a week. well actually 2 classes a week. i am sort of reducing the classes. nak rest sikit. and at least until lisa settle her spm. the school's solat hajat pun i will miss this thursday sebab ada event practise. :( i am so sorry girl... but you know i will always pray for your success.

**sigh** penat tapi at the end, sure puas hati :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

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