Friday, September 19, 2014

who/what inspires you?

wow.. looks like i am really in the mood to blog after many months not blogging like before. before i post this, i wanted to ask my sister, N3 what is the difference between motivates and inspires, but, ermmm malas lah :P you know, i know, should be enough, right? or, you can always Google up the difference or meaning. i would say it means, something/someone who makes/encourages you to be a better person. :) these pictures explained who inspires me. i am very thankful for that.

and you know what? the reason i am posting this is because my trainees inspire me to become a better instructor/coach and i love every one of you! when i see the changes in them, [yes, i do watch and see the difference] it makes me more bersemangat to have more classes, to choreograph and arrange more dance moves. and when i see some of them bersemangat to make changes in their lifestyle, it makes me really happy. i just hope that they will follow through and do not give up. i see some have lose weight. some increased their stamina. some became more fit than before. some can dance/move better than before. you see, when you do things on a regular basis, somehow after awhile (normally people would say 90 days) you will get hooked to it. just make sure its good/positive stuff ok! :D but when we talk about zumba, it doesn't need 90 days okay! you just need 1 class with the right instructor (whom you'd enjoy dancing with) to make you stay. and i can tell you there are many many many styles of instructors out there to venture into! 

for this post i am dedicating it to one of my trainee - i have this plan in mind. i am going to do this project and surprise you :) i really hope that one fine day you will be one of us - zumba instructor. when the project is done, i will post it here in my blog :)

so, before the project is done, why don't you share with your readers, who/what inspires you and tag me so that i will get to read/learn? :) 3 selected bloggers who do this will get a VIP ticket to our ZUMBA PARTY on 12th Oct 2014.