Thursday, September 18, 2014

Larome Slimming Serum - my personal review

today i want to post about Larome the Slimming Serum. This is my personal story and my own testimonial, I don't know about other people's story.. hehehe :D I have a husband who likes to try everything especially when it it about network marketing. And I am skeptical about new things. So, okay, now let me share this short story. My husband is also a Personal Trainer and more vain than me when it comes to taking care of his body, face etc. So, one day his friend (who is the CEO of the product's company) asked him to try this so called Slimming Serum. He gave my husband the sample in a small bottle and during that time, he has not brought the product here in Malaysia, yet. It was the trial/sample. And so my husband tried. Honestly, I don't know how long he tried the product. 

But, one fine day (this time the product is already being sold), I wanted to try it. Don't ask me how many times my husband persuaded me but I ignored him. hahahah :D So, I was teasing my husband not believing it works. I took my measurement tape, put it around my tummy coz I really want to reduce my tummy's inches :P Then, I rub the Larome Slimming Serum around my tummy and went to bed, feeling the hotness of the serum. If it is your first try, rub a lil bit okay... and for some skin like my husband, it will be a little bit reddish. (kulit mat saleh) hahahah :D.

The next morning, the first thing that I did when I woke up was to take the measurement tape (before shower ok!!) because I was so excited to see if there is a difference. And guess what!! I lost 3 inches overnight!!  I ran out of the bedroom and showed my husband.. and you can guess his face expression, "I told you it works and you didn't believe me!"... I went, "Yeahh but where did that 3 inches gone to?"

So, anyway, I gained back 1 inch during the day and maintained the 2 inches lost.. Now, I have been using it on daily basis or alternate days. The best part was when another day I wanted to fit in this one pair of jeans that I missed, I rubbed it the night before, and the next morning I can fit into the jeans!!

Latest was about a week ago, I have been having bloated tummy, so I rub it on twice a day for 2 weeks in a row... and one day I went to teach a class wearing a hanging tshirt [not on purpose-I really didn't realized it will be that hanging] and I was shy but then, I looked at my tummy in the mirror...wwhh whoaa.. I like what I see and one of my trainee's comment :P heheh :D
 so, the conclusion is, Larome Slimming Serum works -  for me :) and I love it!! Wanna see my tummy? Come and join my class! You might get lucky :P [LADIES ONLY] 
uurmmm, that is my husband showing off.. hahha 

P/S: people who are so negative about Network Marketing, you can get lost! yeahh, I am blunt about this, coz I am tired of people's stupidity who thinks they are the best and always right in all ways. IF YOU are willing to be open minded and study what it is all about, you will see the beauty and positivity in it.

ppssstttt and now I am trying the Larome Clearskin - without my husband's knowledge :P ssshhhh... 

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