Friday, September 5, 2014

animal cruelty!

Please share this to the world. This happened in an area where PROFESSIONAL people from various companies park their vehicles to go to work everyday. Right beside a bank at Tun Razak. According to an unverified source, the initiator that lead to this very day works there too.

These dogs are ALL spayed thanks to TNRM. Fed daily without fail. Multiple times a day. We apply anti fleas/ticks for them. We apply antiseptic cream for wounds. Treat whatever illnesses. Apply eye drops. Vitamins. bills after bills did not matter. They all have names, each and every one of them. They know their own names. They wait everyday for us to arrive in the morning. They sit n watch us leave, but patiently look forward n wait for the next day to come. They r impatient when we prepare food for them, waiting for meal time. Some would climb up n try to help themselves with the chicken. They walk us to our cars. From our cars. They run around with us. They will come up to us for a pat on the head, sometimes all together. Tummy rubs. Pretend dead. Selipar rub n i will get yelled at by emma. Hanizah will pinch me. They finally hv courage to be strong when with us. They play, they fight. They find things ppl throw around to entertain themselves. Tree branch. Cloth. Bottles. We chase after them. They r playful n they have blended in to feeling comfortable around us. They used to keep a distance from us for safety. A while after spaying and from then onwards, they will come close n make sure they r noticed. Else they will yelp from under the car. Or there will b tail wagging sound from under a car. Or they will come close, trigger u by nibbling and then run off. Cheeky fellas. They open the gate themselves when we close it. They sit there watching at the stairs for one of us to go down. They run towards us when they spot us. They walk up the stairs not wanting us to leave. They hide under the cars till they see a familiar face, then RUN out toward us even when we try not to be noticed (usually when we r late for work).
We spend time cooking for them every night for the next day. Ppl are amazed why we carry so many bags to work. We buy more chicken on purpose so they can hv more. We spend mornings packing breakfast in many bags so everyone gets to eat. Many vets hv known them ever since. Many vets hv helped in many ways. Many ppl hv known of their existence ever since. Many ppl hv offered help in every way they can. Many ppl randomly buy food for them. Many ppl stop to look, and make a pleasant remark about them. Many want to bring them home. Have thoughts about bringing them home. We still waited n tried very hard to get them out from this place n to a new home.
YOU on the other hand. Complains. Over and over again. Trigger. You who can't let the dog pass before stepping on the accelerator. You who complain that there are so many of them. You who can't just walk straight pass them even if they don't disturb u. You who throw stones at them. Cigarette buds. What have they done to you? NOTHING. You just don't like seeing them. You don't like their nature. You don't like it that the SAME God who CREATED YOU, CREATED THEM. You don't own the place. The parking lot is private property. You park at YOUR OWN RISK. The only risk u have is monkeys n snakes which the dogs kill and scare away. You CANNOT come in the vicinity to catch them. You should just park somewhere else. You could hv came to speak to us. You could hv left a note. You can just hold the gathering somewhere else. You could hv just TRIED to find a place in ur brain that functions, to THINK.

Whatever toxic or poison used, you could hv causes damages or health issues to us HUMANS or the people parking there. RSGC, your monkeys could have been, or probably r already killed too.

But mostly, did you not read the sign about them being in process of REHOMING? DID U NOT KNOW they are being taken care of and the car park has been THEIR HOME LONG SINCE YOU WERE AROUND? Do you know that THEIR OWNER USED TO LIVE IN THE CAR PARK IN A VALID HOUSE????
THEY WERE GOING TO BE REHOMED!!! A simple harmless act, anything you want it to be, and we would hv brought them all away even if we didn't hv a place for them YET, even if they didn't exactly belong to us but we have already adopted them in our hearts. 


Your time will come. We shall speak no evil and let your judgement day be one that you will reflect n regret BIG TIME, what you have done this very day.

We are watching over all of you. We still linger and when you all are asleep during the day, we will come to say hello with a wide smile n wagging tail, like we always do.

Till then. RIP, God's 10 most greatest creations. xx
♡ Ah Boy - Snowflake - Short Black - MooMoo - Mr.Shorty - Brownie - Teddy - Scooby - Bambam - Pebbles ♡
We love you n miss everyday n every moment spent with u.. till we meet again. Love, your mamas & newly found papas.
— with Marcus Low and 6 others.

Kejam nya manusia tanpa ada pertimbangan diri... mereka juga makhluk Tuhan dan ada hak untuk terus hidup... why...? :"(


nur anis said...

sedih dan geram tengok manusia macam tu..