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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Tepat pada jam 10.30 mlm tadi, Nor Fadhilah Binti Samsudin telah kembali ke Rahmatullah. Al Fatiha. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan di letak di kalangan org2 yg beriman dan beramal soleh dan di masukkan di dalam Syurga Nya. Aamin..
Esok (23 sept 2014) selepas waktu zohor jenazah akan disembahyang kan dan dikebumi. Semua staff malakoff yg berkesempatan di jemput menziarahi.

Received this news in the morning.. 😢 Allah swt knows what is best.. may all her family members be strong and redha with this challenges. Al fatihah.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Prayer for Nor Fadhilah Samsudin

no other words to describe how it felt visiting her. she is our colleague at the office who is suffering from breast cancer and now she is also suffering liver cancer :( the office did solat hajat for her last week - with the hope that she will continue to be strong and fight it. somehow, it has not become better for her. she has been brought home from the hospital because there is nothing else can be done for her. her operation has been postponed 3 times due to her weaken condition. her stomach has become like a 5 months pregnant lady :"( i went to visit her today with LS and Wids. no matter how strong we wanna be, at the end of the visit there is still tears in our eyes. she has 4 children who is still in school.
let us all pray for her - to be strong and fight it! ameen...

who/what inspires you?

wow.. looks like i am really in the mood to blog after many months not blogging like before. before i post this, i wanted to ask my sister, N3 what is the difference between motivates and inspires, but, ermmm malas lah :P you know, i know, should be enough, right? or, you can always Google up the difference or meaning. i would say it means, something/someone who makes/encourages you to be a better person. :) these pictures explained who inspires me. i am very thankful for that.

and you know what? the reason i am posting this is because my trainees inspire me to become a better instructor/coach and i love every one of you! when i see the changes in them, [yes, i do watch and see the difference] it makes me more bersemangat to have more classes, to choreograph and arrange more dance moves. and when i see some of them bersemangat to make changes in their lifestyle, it makes me really happy. i just hope that they will follow through and do not give up. i see some have lose weight. some increased their stamina. some became more fit than before. some can dance/move better than before. you see, when you do things on a regular basis, somehow after awhile (normally people would say 90 days) you will get hooked to it. just make sure its good/positive stuff ok! :D but when we talk about zumba, it doesn't need 90 days okay! you just need 1 class with the right instructor (whom you'd enjoy dancing with) to make you stay. and i can tell you there are many many many styles of instructors out there to venture into! 

for this post i am dedicating it to one of my trainee - i have this plan in mind. i am going to do this project and surprise you :) i really hope that one fine day you will be one of us - zumba instructor. when the project is done, i will post it here in my blog :)

so, before the project is done, why don't you share with your readers, who/what inspires you and tag me so that i will get to read/learn? :) 3 selected bloggers who do this will get a VIP ticket to our ZUMBA PARTY on 12th Oct 2014.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Larome Slimming Serum - my personal review

today i want to post about Larome the Slimming Serum. This is my personal story and my own testimonial, I don't know about other people's story.. hehehe :D I have a husband who likes to try everything especially when it it about network marketing. And I am skeptical about new things. So, okay, now let me share this short story. My husband is also a Personal Trainer and more vain than me when it comes to taking care of his body, face etc. So, one day his friend (who is the CEO of the product's company) asked him to try this so called Slimming Serum. He gave my husband the sample in a small bottle and during that time, he has not brought the product here in Malaysia, yet. It was the trial/sample. And so my husband tried. Honestly, I don't know how long he tried the product. 

But, one fine day (this time the product is already being sold), I wanted to try it. Don't ask me how many times my husband persuaded me but I ignored him. hahahah :D So, I was teasing my husband not believing it works. I took my measurement tape, put it around my tummy coz I really want to reduce my tummy's inches :P Then, I rub the Larome Slimming Serum around my tummy and went to bed, feeling the hotness of the serum. If it is your first try, rub a lil bit okay... and for some skin like my husband, it will be a little bit reddish. (kulit mat saleh) hahahah :D.

The next morning, the first thing that I did when I woke up was to take the measurement tape (before shower ok!!) because I was so excited to see if there is a difference. And guess what!! I lost 3 inches overnight!!  I ran out of the bedroom and showed my husband.. and you can guess his face expression, "I told you it works and you didn't believe me!"... I went, "Yeahh but where did that 3 inches gone to?"

So, anyway, I gained back 1 inch during the day and maintained the 2 inches lost.. Now, I have been using it on daily basis or alternate days. The best part was when another day I wanted to fit in this one pair of jeans that I missed, I rubbed it the night before, and the next morning I can fit into the jeans!!

Latest was about a week ago, I have been having bloated tummy, so I rub it on twice a day for 2 weeks in a row... and one day I went to teach a class wearing a hanging tshirt [not on purpose-I really didn't realized it will be that hanging] and I was shy but then, I looked at my tummy in the mirror...wwhh whoaa.. I like what I see and one of my trainee's comment :P heheh :D
 so, the conclusion is, Larome Slimming Serum works -  for me :) and I love it!! Wanna see my tummy? Come and join my class! You might get lucky :P [LADIES ONLY] 
uurmmm, that is my husband showing off.. hahha 

P/S: people who are so negative about Network Marketing, you can get lost! yeahh, I am blunt about this, coz I am tired of people's stupidity who thinks they are the best and always right in all ways. IF YOU are willing to be open minded and study what it is all about, you will see the beauty and positivity in it.

ppssstttt and now I am trying the Larome Clearskin - without my husband's knowledge :P ssshhhh... 

Those who have bought L'arome Slimming Serum from us and want to share your testimonial, please email them to with subject: LArome Slimming Serum Feedback

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

school break

best betul kalau aku kaya kan... this week budak2 school break for 1 week. somehow we don't have plans.. biasa lah semenjak dah mengajar zumba ni, aku kurang buat plan bila cuti sebab class penuh. lagi pun lisa spm tahun ni, dia pun busy semacam bila cuti sekolah. joey kalau dapat mengadap laptop dia dah cukup baik dah. dia cuma akan keluar dari home office tu untuk pi toilet atau carik makanan. kadang2 tu bila aku dah sediakan makanan pun dia boleh tak makan. teruk betul kalau leka. aku memang dah tak larat nak bebel. suka hati kau la bujang... 

hari ni budak2 semua pergi picnic dengan N3. N3 ni memang rajin melayan anak2 saudara dia sambil2 dengan anak dia. so, today they went to kepong it seems. tengok gambar yang N3 hantar kat family whatsapp group nampak macam fun gila. aku tengok gambar je lah jawabnya. kerja makan gaji, kena lah dok diam2 kat office walau tuhan je tau betapa bosannya aku time nih. and kepala otak aku bekerja sebenenarnya. kali ni joey kena jugak ikut, biar bercampur sikit dengan orang.. jangan dok terperap jer kat rumah..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

animal cruelty!

Please share this to the world. This happened in an area where PROFESSIONAL people from various companies park their vehicles to go to work everyday. Right beside a bank at Tun Razak. According to an unverified source, the initiator that lead to this very day works there too.

These dogs are ALL spayed thanks to TNRM. Fed daily without fail. Multiple times a day. We apply anti fleas/ticks for them. We apply antiseptic cream for wounds. Treat whatever illnesses. Apply eye drops. Vitamins. bills after bills did not matter. They all have names, each and every one of them. They know their own names. They wait everyday for us to arrive in the morning. They sit n watch us leave, but patiently look forward n wait for the next day to come. They r impatient when we prepare food for them, waiting for meal time. Some would climb up n try to help themselves with the chicken. They walk us to our cars. From our cars. They run around with us. They will come up to us for a pat on the head, sometimes all together. Tummy rubs. Pretend dead. Selipar rub n i will get yelled at by emma. Hanizah will pinch me. They finally hv courage to be strong when with us. They play, they fight. They find things ppl throw around to entertain themselves. Tree branch. Cloth. Bottles. We chase after them. They r playful n they have blended in to feeling comfortable around us. They used to keep a distance from us for safety. A while after spaying and from then onwards, they will come close n make sure they r noticed. Else they will yelp from under the car. Or there will b tail wagging sound from under a car. Or they will come close, trigger u by nibbling and then run off. Cheeky fellas. They open the gate themselves when we close it. They sit there watching at the stairs for one of us to go down. They run towards us when they spot us. They walk up the stairs not wanting us to leave. They hide under the cars till they see a familiar face, then RUN out toward us even when we try not to be noticed (usually when we r late for work).
We spend time cooking for them every night for the next day. Ppl are amazed why we carry so many bags to work. We buy more chicken on purpose so they can hv more. We spend mornings packing breakfast in many bags so everyone gets to eat. Many vets hv known them ever since. Many vets hv helped in many ways. Many ppl hv known of their existence ever since. Many ppl hv offered help in every way they can. Many ppl randomly buy food for them. Many ppl stop to look, and make a pleasant remark about them. Many want to bring them home. Have thoughts about bringing them home. We still waited n tried very hard to get them out from this place n to a new home.
YOU on the other hand. Complains. Over and over again. Trigger. You who can't let the dog pass before stepping on the accelerator. You who complain that there are so many of them. You who can't just walk straight pass them even if they don't disturb u. You who throw stones at them. Cigarette buds. What have they done to you? NOTHING. You just don't like seeing them. You don't like their nature. You don't like it that the SAME God who CREATED YOU, CREATED THEM. You don't own the place. The parking lot is private property. You park at YOUR OWN RISK. The only risk u have is monkeys n snakes which the dogs kill and scare away. You CANNOT come in the vicinity to catch them. You should just park somewhere else. You could hv came to speak to us. You could hv left a note. You can just hold the gathering somewhere else. You could hv just TRIED to find a place in ur brain that functions, to THINK.

Whatever toxic or poison used, you could hv causes damages or health issues to us HUMANS or the people parking there. RSGC, your monkeys could have been, or probably r already killed too.

But mostly, did you not read the sign about them being in process of REHOMING? DID U NOT KNOW they are being taken care of and the car park has been THEIR HOME LONG SINCE YOU WERE AROUND? Do you know that THEIR OWNER USED TO LIVE IN THE CAR PARK IN A VALID HOUSE????
THEY WERE GOING TO BE REHOMED!!! A simple harmless act, anything you want it to be, and we would hv brought them all away even if we didn't hv a place for them YET, even if they didn't exactly belong to us but we have already adopted them in our hearts. 


Your time will come. We shall speak no evil and let your judgement day be one that you will reflect n regret BIG TIME, what you have done this very day.

We are watching over all of you. We still linger and when you all are asleep during the day, we will come to say hello with a wide smile n wagging tail, like we always do.

Till then. RIP, God's 10 most greatest creations. xx
♡ Ah Boy - Snowflake - Short Black - MooMoo - Mr.Shorty - Brownie - Teddy - Scooby - Bambam - Pebbles ♡
We love you n miss everyday n every moment spent with u.. till we meet again. Love, your mamas & newly found papas.
— with Marcus Low and 6 others.

Kejam nya manusia tanpa ada pertimbangan diri... mereka juga makhluk Tuhan dan ada hak untuk terus hidup... why...? :"(