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saufiville boutique resort, janda baik - personal review

by - August 20, 2014

it was like a dream come true. when we first visited this place, it was in 2011. and i had always thought i won't get a chance to stay here because of the price. but i guess, it was our rezeki. alhamdulillah. when chris and his friend michael arrived on wednesday we didn't have a plan yet for the weekend. so, i asked kaiser what he would like to do. somehow kaiser already mentioned to me about the place. just that he doesn't know the rate and which i think if he knows, i don't think he would agree.. hehehe :D scorpions, biasa lah.. kedeks sket :p anyway, it was my treat for everyone. can i take it as my treat for our 5th anniversary coz i didn't get to give kaiser anything for our anniversary. 

being at the resort made us want to have our own bungalow like that in janda baik. except that, water would be an issue - or/and garbage coz i do not think alam flora goes up there. the house was cosy and i like the decoration. almost like the old style with mixed modern a bit. hehehe :D the downside was mosquitoes, and there was a cockroach on chris' bed ...aarrgghhh... our room was really nice, except i think there was pepijat on our bed lah.. coz our legs were itchy...

the house has its own gardener/cleaner, and few ladies at the kitchen. and all we need to do was to order what we want to eat for dinner, and breakfast for the next day. for rm500/night per room is quite reasonable which inclusive of breakfast for two. enjoy the photos :)
  • date of visit: 9th Aug - 10th Aug 2014
  • location: Saufiville Boutique Resort, Janda Baik, Pahang.
  • room: we booked 3 different rooms, 2 with attached bathroom and 1 with sharing bathroom at the hallway.
  • decor: beautiful.
  • cleanliness of the room: 9 out of 10. 
  • hotel service: it was cosy and homy. we were greeted by En Amin as we reached the resort and we were lucky to be staying in the resort all by ourselves.
  • cafe service: feels like home. :)
  • food: 9 out of 10.
  • pool: it was okay except that since the water was from the hills, i predicted it to be bbbrrr cold.
  • lift: doesn't need any :)
 more pictures on my fb page - if you are in my friends list :P hehhe :D

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