Friday, August 1, 2014

Appreciating Off Day

somehow as usual, the off days seems to be so short. i am really enjoying my off days this raya :D off from office work and off from my zumba classes.. but mind you, i have been getting nightmares about my zumba classes - subconsciously i have been thinking of my zumba activities :D but of course!!
my usual plan when/if i am on off day, i want to clear my wardrobe. should keep my clothes to only 10 pieces per type... looks like my wardrobe has already flooded. can't think of other words to describe it. i am not an english student so what the heck. as long as you get what i mean.

so okay.. what do i do today? clean the house? paint them? hahaha :D chris is coming over next week.. hemmm... i really hope joey will cooperate. hmmm...

i really need to do something about this blog's date setting.. it is getting annoying :D :P