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Next Zumba Party! 12th October, 2014

Mark your calendar!! Flyers coming out soon! In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Inquiries? Call me :D  Venue:The Ballroom, HOTEL MAYA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Time: 10.00am to 11.30am[Registration starts at 9.30am]

delayed birthday celebration

today is supposed to be my 1st day of the 28th day challenge. i have my own target to accomplish. but never mind, i will blabber about that one in my fitness blog. lens and wids have been asking where do i want to eat for lunch as they want to belanja me for birthday treat. my birthday fell on fasting month so, we had to postpone the celebration. somehow yesterday, i think we decided to have lunch at tony roma's :) i heard about the place so much but today was the first day i tried the restaurant... the food was yummy and huge portion. i tried my best to keep it healthy but the dessert was sinful! nevertheless, love the session babes... love you much! thank you :)

wordless wednesday #5

malaysia berkabung - remembering mh17

speechless. hanya airmata menemani, mengiringi tatkala mendengar kata-kata dj di corong radio. suasana di office hari ni cukup sayu. masing2 berpakaian gelap dan tidak banyak bergelak ketawa. mari lah kita sama2 mendoakan those malaysians who return home today and the days after. let's doa for our fellow passengers of mh370 too :"(

saufiville boutique resort, janda baik - personal review

it was like a dream come true. when we first visited this place, it was in 2011. and i had always thought i won't get a chance to stay here because of the price. but i guess, it was our rezeki. alhamdulillah. when chris and his friend michael arrived on wednesday we didn't have a plan yet for the weekend. so, i asked kaiser what he would like to do. somehow kaiser already mentioned to me about the place. just that he doesn't know the rate and which i think if he knows, i don't think he would agree.. hehehe :D scorpions, biasa lah.. kedeks sket :p anyway, it was my treat for everyone. can i take it as my treat for our 5th anniversary coz i didn't get to give kaiser anything for our anniversary. 
being at the resort made us want to have our own bungalow like that in janda baik. except that, water would be an issue - or/and garbage coz i do not think alam flora goes up there. the house was cosy and i like the decoration. almost like the old style with mixed modern a …

i miss these moments

yes i really wanna blog about my activities last week.. it was really fun off days from work. my step son, chris was in malaysia with his friend michael. i had a great time. i didn't know what to expect before he arrives. kaiser was with them first since 2nd august in pattaya and he came back to kl on 6th august together with chris and michael. was i nervous at first? ermm... i don't know.. maybe ... hehehe :D and first impression, he was friendly despite the language barrier. if only i have mastered german language, i would have more fun :D i will stop here first... enough by saying... i miss those moments :) and it's kinda cool having a 22 year old son :)

family weekend getaway

looking forward for a wonderful weekend with the family.... complete this time!

another new layout

untuk yang kesekian kalinya aku menukar layout blog aku. sebab apa? sebab aku geram bila date dia tak keluar.. hahahaha alaahh padahal kadang2 aku post pun aku set date dia and tak semestinya exact date pun. BUT the fact that i want it to appear without having to type extra itu jer.. jadi para readers, enjoy je lah ye..

i am supposed to do a letter or invite or whatevef you wanna call it but i am sleepy... how laaa

Appreciating Off Day

somehow as usual, the off days seems to be so short. i am really enjoying my off days this raya :D off from office work and off from my zumba classes.. but mind you, i have been getting nightmares about my zumba classes - subconsciously i have been thinking of my zumba activities :D but of course!! my usual plan when/if i am on off day, i want to clear my wardrobe. should keep my clothes to only 10 pieces per type... looks like my wardrobe has already flooded. can't think of other words to describe it. i am not an english student so what the heck. as long as you get what i mean.
so okay.. what do i do today? clean the house? paint them? hahaha :D chris is coming over next week.. hemmm... i really hope joey will cooperate. hmmm...
i really need to do something about this blog's date setting.. it is getting annoying :D :P


ah lama tak aktif in blogging and sorry lah kalau sekarang ni bahasa dalam blog aku ni carca marba. entah kenapa macam mood suka hati sekarang ni. la ni aku tukar layout ikut template free... yang ikut template wordpress. sekarang aku tengah bengang sebab date dia tak keluar sebab dalam template ni memang tulis time jer. so, sebab tu kalau you all baca blog aku beberapa hari yang lepas, ada date kat dalam posting aku tu. memang leceh tapi itu lah hakikatnya. nak tukar kat html "memang tak la kan" sebab aku tak tau camana :p adeh la tension aku... anyway.. sejak beberapa hari ni aku tengah target dapat at least 100 readers in a day, and alhamdulillah dah dapat few times, walaupun total readers aku tak semeriah dulu, alhamdulillah ada lah jugak.. hehhe :D
ok sekarang aku kena pi tidoq sebab perut dah lapar. perut kembung hari ni sebab makan tak berdisiplin. ye ye ajer aku cakap dengan lisa nak kurangkan carbs... sambil mulut sumbat dengan mee goreng mamak, boley? "meman…