Monday, July 21, 2014

what is your theme color for this year's raya?

21st July 2014: i really cannot remember when did all these theme color started. must be from the celebrities. anyway it would be much easier to arrange if you are not married to a mat salleh who saves too much.. :p kaiser will not agree to buy baju melayu every year because he is a track bottom & singlet guy - what do you expect when you marry a personal trainer? hehehe :D so, every year my job is either pujuk him to get new pair, or i will get a new pair for him, or all of us will have to follow what color that he has in his closet. 

2014 raya, our theme is supposed to be green. lisa and i are easy to manage. i guess towards nearer to hari raya, the guys will follow.. and depending how much discount jusco would give, kaiser will then buy a new pair of green baju melayu, OR i will just get one and make sure he wears them! :p either green or orange lah... coz lisa and i got both colors. heheh :D

i managed to find only the last 3 years raya pictures of our theme :D
2013: gray     2012: a touch of blue    2011: brown/creme/earth
so, what is your theme color for this year raya?