my unwanted expansion

trying so hard errmmm well not that hard.. hahaha :D to reduce the kilos on my body. the last i checked i weighed 57.5kg and that is wayyy above my ideal weight.. some people will ask why am i complaining? because.. i dont feel good... i dont feel light.. and i get tired easily.. and i dont feel sexy... hahaha over tak? jgn muntah dulu okay... well it is just how i feel as a person. honestly the lazyness is so close to me that makes it tougher..this posting is so boring :P i am just writing this while waiting for joelis to arrive at my office to go for iftar.


uncle gedek said…
uncle paling hard pon yg uncle boleh buat ialah = lompat bintang... tu pon takat 5 count je... haha
Ein said…
hehehe :D uncle gedek, jangan lepas tu nampak bintang2 sudah ya... :P

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