Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last day of ramadhan

27th July 2014: what is my plan for today? Somehow this year's raya has not been that good for most people.. or it is just me? I did less terawikh this year and i feel bad. I was looking forward for ramadhan to take a break from my too hectic and fast life. People killing each other at the war zone. Kids women men dads moms babies - all got killed for the wrong reasons. Religion exists to unite people around the globe, to spread more love within each other but instead they use it to gain power which is so so so very wrong!! What is wrong with you people? And today is already the last day of ramadhan. Will i ever meet you again next year? As healthy as i am this year? Will it be any different? Better different? *sigh* i really hope so.

Have a good raya everyone.. maaf zahir batin from me.. thank yoy for still being my blog reader 😊 truly appreciate that.