Sunday, July 20, 2014

another wonderful birthday celebrated

20th Jul 2014: i have been thinking for the most relaxing way to celebrate my birthday. hahhaha :D plan sendiri jer, boleh? well anyway, i ordered red velvet birthday cake from my sister - adude's delight and i have been thinking of spending my birthday with my zumba members who have been so supportive. so, to cut story short we had buffet iftar at mozer's, bkt jelutong, together with kalam's clan. i decided to have it on the eve instead because thinking my birthday date is on sunday, next day is a school day. we had a great time :)

on my actual birthday day, i went out with kaiser to karangkraf, but the batek i wanted was sold :'( so, i bought a pair of shoes... hehehe :D kaiser got me a pair of boots, lisa got me a dress and joey got me loads of hersheys chocolates... hehehe :D we had our iftar at sushi king, avenue k. best giler sebab tak ramai orang. after maghrib prayer, we continued with dessert at delicious, avenue k, but situ tak best coz the cake dah lama :( then we had a rm5 massage.. then shop some baju for joey. anothe rfun part before we reached home was karaoke in the car... i noticed that kaiser waited for awhile before he switched off the engine to let us finished karaokeing... hahahah :D



uncle gedek said...

Happy 'bird' day!


Ain Kalam said...

TQ uncle gedek... hehehe starting to feel like are you my only blog reader? :p *tutupmata*